Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've recorded by haven't watched the new 30 for 30 on the the XFL, but I'm really interested. I actually thought it had a chance of succeeding back in the day. 
  • The Ticket reviewed the old movie The Usual Suspects the other day. A couple of hosts have the same opinion I do: Extremely overrated. 
  • I just learned that a Justice of the Peace in Wise County also serves as a city judge of a Wise County municipality. 
  • Kentucky "And Another".
  • Pennsylvania "And Another".
  • New Hampshire is close to passing a "jury nullification" instruction in criminal cases. (Actual proposed text below.) Texas will pass a similar one about the same time as Texas legalizes marijuana. 
  • Any Trump supporter who responds to any criticism of the President with, "Oh, yeah? What about Obama?" is intellectually dishonest. If you voted for him, you own him. Either defend him on a particular issue or suck it up and say he is wrong. Even an "I don't know" is a better response. (Hey, Wordkyle, you pointed out to us once the actual name of the "Oh, yeah? What about you?" argument. What's it called?)
  • Side Note: Mrs. LL and I have a standing agreement that whenever we get in an argument neither one of us can counter the other with the "Oh, yeah? What about you?" comeback. (Example: Me: "Looks like that sink has been full of dishes for two days." Her: "Oh yeah, have you seen your bathroom sink lately? Ever think about cleaning that up for a change?") We can defend ourselves, but we just can't use that logic. It actually leads to productive arguments when you don't have that weapon.
  • Speaking of Wordkyle, news this morning is that unemployment has risen to 4.8%
  • If those Briles text message allegations are real (and I bet they are), I take back my bullet point yesterday as to why Briles dismissed his defamation lawsuit. BagOfNothing is probably flying a "Total Vindication / I Told You So" flag this morning. 
  • Fort Worth scrambled yesterday when a Fort Worth PD officer basically broadcast the Fort Worth was a sanctuary city. Here's a dirty little secret: Basically every city and town in Texas is a sanctuary city. There is no meaningful system in place to determine if someone is an "illegal alien" if they are arrested. And even when someone is detected, ICE isn't coming to pick up some random guy up. 
  • What was the first thing on Trump's mind this morning?
  • What was the second? Threatening war. He's going to get us all killed.
  • Jacksboro woman arrested after son was found dead from overdose earlier this year. 
  • A kayak theft ring! That is unacceptable!!