Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Oh, I've got my Trump rants coming, but let me first make an admission. For the first time ever I watched The Big Lebowoski. It's already in my Top Ten and will probably move up higher after I watch it a few times more. I had no idea it would be that smart of a comedy.
  • It started on Friday on Holocaust Memorial Day when we remembered the millions of Jews who were exterminated because of their religion. Trump used that day to announce a plan to discriminate against Muslims based upon their religion with a travel ban. And, man, on Saturday did an explosion of protests take place at airports across the country where people where being illegally detained (especially DFW).
  • People with legal green cards and Visas were detained for hours and hours by the U.S. Government solely because they were from a predominately Muslim country. And the courts had to intervene on Saturday night to set those illegally detained people free. Just like in the 1960s, we had to turn to the courts to overturn those in power trying to enforce their ignorant and bigoted policies that discriminate against innocent people. This is history, folks. Choose your side wisely.
  • Number of terrorist acts committed on American soil by refugees from the seven countries named in the ban: Zero.
  • And, man, Trump loves Executive Orders. He's signing them left and right.
    This made my head explode. 
  • Look, I understand trying to keep America safe. What I have a problem with is trying to ban people of a certain religion. Oh, it's not really a "Muslim Ban" you say? 
    • Rudy Giuliani on Fox News yesterday: 
    • Donald Trump's campaign site
  • What an absolute week of chaos. And Trump set a record according to Gallop:
  • In other news . . . 
  • A Young County deputy (formerly of Graham PD) and his son were found dead on Friday from gunshot wounds. The fact that you haven't heard about it gives you a pretty good idea of what is suspected. 
  • That wreck involving the Decatur cop last week and the fact he was relatively uninjured is amazing. And Fox 4 said he has seven kids. Even another reason to be thankful it didn't turn out worse. 
  • I've always been told lawyers were liars. Then a lawyer files a lawsuit on Friday against Baylor with no supporting proof and every media outlet treats it like the allegations in it were the result of a 60 Minutes investigation. 
  • "Six people are dead after a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City."
  • Oh, I forgot, what was Ivanka doing on Saturday night during the American airport chaos where families were being illegally separated from one another? Tweeting out a photo: 
  • That new Doritos bag is weird.You blow into it and it will "detect" any alcohol. It doesn't detect alcohol concentration. That's just dumb. Who doesn't know they've been drinking? And the bags aren't for sale to the public? What a cheesy marketing gimmick (that I just fell victim to.)
  • In Austin on Tuesday, it will be "Texas Muslim Capitol Day." Perfect.