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Free Speech Being Tested In Austin At This Moment

There is a long line in Austin right now speaking, and wishing to speak, at the capitol on the issue of Sanctuary Cities.   Here's the free speech problem: You certainly cannot "disrupt" a public meeting to the point where you, uh, disrupt it. But you can't clap? If you do it as a show of support instead of an intent to disrupt the proceedings, that is not a crime. And raising a fist is absolutely protected speech.

I just love the thought of a Trooper, who is 100% an arm of the government, telling someone "Don't raise your fist" in a public building where an issue of public concern and law making is being discussed.


Anonymous said...

Idiots are being removed, not criminally charged, for clapping.

Texas House Rules, 85th Legislature, 2017, Rule 1, Chapter 1, Section 5.

Section 5. Preservation of Order and Decorum — The speaker shall
preserve order and decorum. In case of disturbance or disorderly conduct in
the galleries or in the lobby, the speaker may order that these areas be cleared.
No signs, placards, or other objects of similar nature shall be permitted in the
rooms, lobby, gallery, and hall of the house. The speaker shall see that the
members of the house conduct themselves in a civil manner in accordance with
accepted standards of parliamentary conduct and may, when necessary, order the
sergeant-at-arms to clear the aisles and seat the members of the house so that
business may be conducted in an orderly manner.

Anonymous said...

Trump won Texas by a margin of 52.2% over 43.2%, and yet our state capital is a sanctuary city? Hmmm
Just seems wrong...

Anonymous said...

The troopers aren't half as bad as the teenage nazis they hire to keep peace in the gallery.

Anonymous said...

Both Houses adjourned, so there is no one to disrupt now. Protesters don't get to take over the gallarof House and Senate, but can knock themselves out in the rotunda.

Anonymous said...

Yea, we should have really ratcheted down on those Jesus at the Mount Sermons before they got out of hand. Government has to be in control at all times or we have wild eyed heresy.

DF Pontius Pilate

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap I used to work with Julian Aguilar at Snookies in North Dallas!

Anonymous said...

throw their happy arses out ?

Happy Days are here again

Anonymous said...

Human rights violations? There is no such thing. There is only the security of the state and those who'd undermine that security.

DF Dr Clement Molloch
DF The Evil That Men Do

coachmaz said...

Hitler would be proud of von trump

Anonymous said...

Republicans claim to be smaller, less intrusive government (except where they trample your rights).