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Greatest City Council Meeting In History Of Ever

I have no idea what this is about other than a guy accuses a mayor of having an affair with his wife. It's hard to understand because of the thick accent. Jamaican? The mayor denies it (in the deepest voice ever) by saying, "I don't know this man!" But there's another council member which keeps calling him out like nobody's business.

Every Messenger reporter who gets beaten down with council meeting prays for things like this.

I'm probably over-selling this but I love the "Oh, no you didn't!!" moments from the audience.

(It's long but pretty dang entertaining.)


Anonymous said...

This is pretty ho-hum compared to the crazy meetings in Rhome.

Triple Fake... said...

Spring Valley, NY
about 12-15 mi north of Paramus, NJ

Anonymous said...

Jamaican me angry!

Anonymous said...

Barry, just listened to this podcast on serving folks with legal papers. It was a hoot. The Michigan attorney producing it specializes in lemon law actions and auto related lawsuits. You may already be aware of the guy, but if not, here is a link to his podcasts.

And Mr. Lehto has a new book out on the Dodge Super Bee car every 55 year old guy lusted after as a kid. Thought you would enjoy his take on the legal profession.

DF Clarence Darrow

Sharon C. said...

This guy appears to have a history of corruption, calls himself "king of the village"

Anonymous said...

That's a Haitian accent, Barry.

From the Spring Valley, NY Wikipedia page:
"Spring Valley has the highest African American and Caribbean population in Rockland County. Spring Valley has a large Haitian population, along with a growing Hispanic population."