The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump wins Nevada! (And yesterday he said, "I love the poorly educated.") Greatest. Political. Race. Ever. Oh, and Ted Cruz finished third.
  • And Trump will be at the Fort Worth Convention Center at noon on Friday. I kind of want to go. 
  • Random musical thought: The first time I was ever at the convention center was when I was a Junior in high school and me and my buddies went there to see Boston in concert without tickets. We bought them from a scalper for $7.00 each. That was below face value. 
  • "JoJo" from Dallas is still a finalist in The Bachelor. (I live in a house full of females. I know stuff like this.) But when I hear the name I think of the Beatles song, Get Back, and/or the young female singer.
  • BagOfNothing is on drugs!!!
  • "But I will say this: Any police agency is a paramilitary organization." - Sheriff candidate Brandon Davis at a Wise County forum yesterday. You kidding me? Good lord! 
  • "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorses Ted Cruz for president." That just might sink him. 
  • I have a friend who worries about water poisoning. She thinks that is the way terrorists or rival nations attack us instead of bombing. I laughed at her. Well, we had the water shut down around Bonds Ranch Road a couple of weeks back and now we have this: "Dallas ISD plans to have the water tested at Lakewood Elementary as parents continue to have concerns about whether their children are safe at the school. The district had a third-party vendor check Lakewood’s air quality on Monday after parents complained of sick children. A teacher also fainted Monday for reasons not immediately made clear." I always love a good conspiracy theory.
  • Of all the people we have held at Guantanamo Bay for over a decade, the number of them which have been afforded an American jury trial is: Zero.
  • The Senate Republicans yesterday announced they would not hold any confirmation hearings if President Obama nominates a replacement for Scalia. Are they trying to lose the election? If I'm President Obama, I nominate a moderate Hispanic. If they won't hold a hearing, I hold a press conference to dog them and then I nominate a female moderate. If they won't hold a hearing, I'd do another press conference. Then I would nominate an African-American. Ditto. And then the Democratic nominee gets to dog the Republicans through out the summer and fall. Politics 101. (Right out of House of Cards.)
  • The Liberally Lean Weather Center would like to announce it did not foresee that weather yesterday evening. Man, rain and wind and cold made for a miserable day. I need to re-calibrate my instruments to protect my dear readers. 
  • Once again, I may die of allergies. 
  • Up at the courthouse yesterday, I was hanging out with a professional divorced couple (who shall not be named) who always argue. They are both friends of mine and we joke all the time. She thanked me for talking to her on the phone the other day, and I looked at him and jokingly said, "We got a little sumthing sumthing going on." His joking response was, "You aren't the only one." She then jumped up and beat his shoulder repeatedly while he laughed uncontrollably. Just when I think this job is a beat down, I get wildly entertained. Love 'em both.
  • There's a new on-the-scene reporter for Fox 4 News. Who did she replace?
  • "Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler apologized today for his role in a fight between who TMZ describes as his girlfriend and the mother of his child." And that was one serious fight