The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There is a pot convention this weekend in Fort Worth?
  • I'm always caught off guard when I see one of those huge windmill blades being pulled down the highway by an 18 wheeler. I did an extra double take last weekend when I saw at least 20 of them on a train along 287.
  • Speaking of 287, it seems like every guard rail has been smashed into during the last two weeks. 
  • I went to the fishing section of a sporting goods store yesterday and my head almost exploded. There are a lot of options between lures, lines, poles, reels and side equipment. I almost called Jimmy Houston.
  • The Republican debate last night was insane. And insanely entertaining. It made WWE look tame. And I think Trump schooled both Cruz and Rubio (while the other two guys just seemed to sit in the corner).
  • WBAP's Hal Jay, Brian Estridge and a CBS political "expert" thought Texas was a "winner takes all delegates state" this morning. Incredible. How do I know that's not correct when "professionals" don't? 
  • Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that he would "live tweet" the Republican debate last night.  I got my popcorn ready. Then he sent out two boring tweets over the next two hours. 
  • I watched a very clear Wise County DWI video yesterday which was taken via body cam. The driver was a crying girl and at times I felt like I was watching The Blair Witch Project because she was so scared and her face filled up the screen.
  • There are no local political ads more pandering, and more right out of the 1980s, than those of Charlie Geren. 
  • I stand behind my Erin Andrews comment from yesterday, but some of you guys seemed to be a little uptight. It's just a nude body. A hot nude body, by the way. And she wasn't doing anything wrong during the secret filming. It wasn't right what the guy did, he was a stalker and a pervert, but why the horror? If someone wants to secretly film me naked, I'd be honored instead of offended. (Although the filmer would probably end up offended.)
  • The Dallas police are referring the Johnny Football alleged misdemeanor assault case to the grand jury? There are so many things wrong with these news reports. First, cops don't refer cases to the grand jury -- it has to go through the DA. Secondly, grand juries have the right to review misdemeanors but 99.9% of the time they review felonies only. (There is some passing of the buck going on here.). Thirdly, if the victim truly has a ruptured ear drum, it's a felony case because of the definition of "serious bodily injury" (especially after the way it was interpreted last week by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.)
  • Remember my tweet about the water supply yesterday? Well, now Jackson, Mississippi has issued a warning about their water. 
  • The Republican debate started with the National Anthem last night. I've asked this many times: When did the hand over your heart thing begin whenever it is played? That was not the case when I was a kid. You did it during the Pledge of Allegiance but not during the National Anthem.
  • I still wouldn't let Ben Carson operate on my brain. He might be a genius surgeon but he comes across as someone who has no clue of how to get to a local 7-11.
  • Being a presidential candidate would be a beating. The travel alone would kill me.