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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to a guy who only knows me through this blog who responded to my thoughts about wanting to buy a kayak. He had a used one, offered it at a below market price and then delivered it before 9:00 a.m. on Saturday at Lake Bridgeport. And he threw in a life jacket, a fantastic paddle, and (importantly) instructions on how to use the thing. 
  • And, in the middle of it all, he asked, "How is your dad doing?" You, sir, have a heart of gold. 
  • Mrs. LL immediately got on the kayak and, get this,: She paddled from Twin Hills to that small little island next to the 380 bridge as you enter Runaway Bay. (You have to be from Wise County to understand that.) And people think I'm crazy. Side note: A friend of the 7th Grader In The House stared out the window and said with a defeated voice, "Your mom is much more adventurous than my mom."
  • I forgot that you have to have a fishing license to, uh, fish in a public lake. Think about that. You have to have government approval to fish? And a legal question I don't know the answer to off the top of my head: Does that apply to fishing off of your own private property? 
  • Me to Mrs. LL this weekend: "It's hard to catch a fish in February but come April I'm going to slay it." Her expression: "I don't even know you anymore."
  • Trump wins. Cruz comes in third. Jeb quits. Hillary wins.  It's on. 
  • The author of To Kill A Mockingbird has died. Perhaps my favorite line, and I'll admit I'm biased because of what I do, is:  "Miss Jean Louise," kindly Reverend Sykes gently admonishes [after the guilty verdict]. "Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passing."  You fight the good fight that only some people can understand. Video from the movie.
  • Then again, the O.J. Simpson mini-series is campy but great. 
  • Terrell Owens gave an interview at "Ticketstock" this weekend and he actually sounded sane. But he called out Jason Garrett for leaking false information to the media back in the day.
  • Steve Martin, one of my favorites, gave a surprise stand-up routine. His first joke was along the lines of (and read it with his voice and pauses), "I was was in the bathroom before I came out here, and I must say I'm a little angry.  I saw a sign that said, 'Employees must wash hands'. I want to tell you, I could not find one employee to wash my hands!" 
  • There are so many commercials and billboards about varicose veins. Why should you care? If you are alive and healthy, the last thing you need to worry about is how your legs look.
  • Weirdest thing I saw yesterday: Someone riding a horse on the shoulder of highway 380 just outside of Bridgeport.