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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw a white car yesterday on the way to a hearing in Fort Worth that was white, had the Texas seal on it, and a with logo that simply said "Texas Law Enforcement". What the heck was that? Why wasn't the agency named?
  • Then on the way back I saw a Fort Worth police car which had "Abandoned Car Division" on the side of it.  Faithful readers know what I'm thinking right now, Too many . . . . 
  • One part of my job is to watch a ton of DWI videos from various agencies around the county. I'm going crazy because they now all have their own program which I have to install before I can watch it. That's a little scary to start with but practically the applications rarely work. Boyd PD and Decatur PD are the worst. Just go back to the simple DVD.
  • The Dwaine Caraway and John Wiley Price fight was gold.  I'd bet on Caraway on humor but Price in a fight.
  • I keep saying that if Trump wins Florida, it's over. But it looks like the election is in mid-March. Didn't it use to be earlier? The vote for Texas is March 1st. That's changed, right? 
  • In Dalworthington Gardens, a mother got shot and called 911. Her daughter answered the call. I'm not saying the 911 tape of that incident should be released but the police are refusing to so so since it involves their dispatcher and her daughter. You cannot justify that on that basis.
  • Josh Hamilton is hurt even before spring training begins. The most fragile body in the major league.
  • I don't do many jail visits these days (because I rarely have any clients in jail awaiting trial) but when I do, I'm greeted by the greatest Wise County employee who screams out, "Barry!!!! Where have you been?!!" That happened last Friday afternoon when I was really beaten down. It cheered me up immediately. I love that woman.
  • Hey, to you goofballs who think you don't need any instructions on using a kayak: If it takes on water, what do you do? Are there drain plugs? What about the paddle? Do you attach it to anything or do you risk letting it get away? What if you fall out or want to jump out to swim? How easy is it to get back in it? The fin? Is that the first thing you need to protect most when getting it in out of the lake? How about storing it if you have to outdoors? Does it matter how it is positioned? What about fishing pole attachments? I appreciate my readers but a couple of you are absolute morons.
  • One thing I've learned in life: Listen to people who know more about a subject than you do regardless of what that subject is.
  • Speaking of, I might need some rod and reel advice.
  • How the Republicans don't understand that Trump or Cruz cannot win the presidency is beyond bewildering. If Rubio doesn't get the nomination, it's over. Rubio, however, could win.
  • Cruz firing his communication director after a series of lies shows one thing: Chaos. 
  • Call back from yesterday: You guys really see guys riding horses in Wise County on the paved shoulder?
  • A home on College Street in Decatur looks like its garage (and more) was destroyed by a major fire. When did that happen? 
  • The accused Bridgeport ISD bus driver has made the Dallas Morning News.
  • And to the person who commented yesterday that "you are no Atticus Finch", you have no idea what my life is like on a daily basis. It is gut wrenching day after day if you care about the people who are scared and have put their faith in you to help them. By the way, don't hide behind your "anonymous" status. Come say that to my face.