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Rick Perry Vindicated By Texas' Highest Criminal Court


But not all of the judges are pleased:

Edit: And a concurring opinion starts off with a quote from The Wire:

Edit: A faithful reader reminds me of a clip of Omar being on the witness stand (that I have posted before). Greatness. "I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase."

"Omar's coming!" (Cue Farmer in the Dell.)


Anonymous said...

Who gives a rats anus!

Anonymous said...

The dissent is ridiculous. No legal analysis at all, and its "response" to the "parade of horribles" actually supports the majority opinion -- each of those cases could be prosecuted under the statute if used as the State said it could be used, and the fact that doing so would lead to absurd results is exactly why the statute is bad.

Favorite Omar scene, sparring with criminal defense attorney Levy:

Ricardo Perry said...


He could whoop up on Trump!

wordkyle said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You guys actually have to read those things?

Anonymous said...

Griff, fire up the campaign bus! Chuck Norris, ice down the wine! Nita, I won't be home for a few weeks! I may be late to the ballgame, but I'm still in time to cross the finish line! Shake & Bake!

DF Ricky Perry
DF President 2016! The best of the bad choices!

Anonymous said...

The most overrated show in the history of ever behind The Walking Dead!!!

Garry Solmonson said...

Sharon Keller at her best?

Anonymous said...

This whole issue was to derail Perry's presidential run and nothing more. Even Helen Keller could see that. I knew this would end as soon as it went to court. Liberals playing their political games.