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Anonymous said...

Go tell that little girl in the hospital how glad you are that there was no DWI checkpoint that might have saved her from being in a horrible crash.

Anonymous said...

Food for weekend random thoughts: so, our Republican PE is now in a cyber food fight with the CIA because they have strong evidence that Russian hackers, with known and historical ties to Moscow, successfully carried out a plan to manipulate voter opinion against Hillary (hence pro Trump) via leaking DNC emails but not RNC emails, on top of the Trumplandia infected FBI doing same with the no-news Weiner laptop cry wolf big investigation release just a week prior to election day, and, drum roll, the PE decides that the appropriate response is a Twitter attack on the CIA citing a past CIA judgement call (in error) made during the last Republican term which resulted in a horrendous war with Iraq, as a reason to not believe CIA intelligence! WTF is going on?! Explains fully why Trump has been rejecting daily intel briefings, he simply can't handle the truth, so he will reject it or ignore it until he can wield the power to install his own version of the truth, and we're supposed to ignore the fact that he's in power in part because of Russian influence and a FBI coup, and not be such sore loser snowflakes? Hillary was right to use such a serious term to describe everything that is Donald Trump: horrifying

Anonymous said...

Obama has corrupted the CIA and the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:56---

Feel free to call yourself a birther. That's what you called the opposition for the last 8 years if they disagreed with your Messiahs politics.

I hear the fetal position allows for the best sobbing/self pitying position with a mimimum of effort on the part of the "victim"

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Soooooooo, if true, you are pissed because Trump used the same strategy the dems and media have for the last 20 years????

Cry baby.

If you dish it out, better learn to take it.

mzchief said...

To Anonymous 12:56...

You realize the Russians aren't the ones who composed the DNC e-mails, right? You gritching about the public being informed of the DNC/Democrat shenanigans and claiming the public being informed was the cause of Hillary losing POTUS, for the second time, to an unqualified narcissist is no different than a teenager claiming the ONLY reason they got kicked out of school for cheating was because someone told on them. The DNC/Democrats need to take responsibility for being scheming, two-faced dirtbags as the cause for Hillary's disastrous run for POTUS.

Voters decided they'd rather have Crazy than Evil. Makes be bloody glad to see that even Crazy can triumph over Evil, in the US.

Anonymous said...

Tell yourself whatever it takes to help you commie trolls sleep at night:
* Russians on Trumps side. Perfect bedfellow for our Authoritarian Elect
* FBI clearly on Trumps side, Comey should be charged for treasonous activity, won't happen, not surprised you're not upset with authoritarian strong arms in action.
* Fair that Trump won't believe the media or Ted Cruz, but to disown the CIA data and briefings? Hopefully agents and assets will remember his grand show of full support when Trump needs them to actually perform a covert job for him.
* Openly mocks the past poor decisions made by the same party he represents - finally, change I can get behind!

Show me dem or media precedence of this level of anti-American behavior. Apples versus walnuts in comparison (and yes that's a reference to the shriveled up nutjob you elected to destroy our democracy)

For the record, I did not vote For Hillary, I voted for the last hope to keep Trump out. There's a yuge difference. The Messiah is more popularly known as Jesus Christ - careful with comparing Him to any mere mortal, there's rules regarding that type of sin.

Anonymous said...

Off your meds and not signing your work again I see!

Anonymous said...

12:56 Yes Daffy Donald is really Col. Jessup.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I did not vote for Trump. I voted for the last hope to keep Hillary out. There's a huge difference.