Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There are 28 cases of mumps in Johnson County. Any chance this is due to the anti-vaccine wackos?
  • If you want to see a modern day "run on the bank", follow the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System story. Even George Bailey couldn't stop that thing from going belly up. 
  • I'm not sure what has happened to my life. After planning and developing an elegant Christmas light presentation for the house, Mrs. LL had me add an inflatable "Disco Santa" last night. 
  • The Waco DA is under fire by the local paper after a reporter watched his office announce "not ready" time and time again on a random day when many cases were set for trial. As a result, the courtroom sits empty. (It should be noted that we are now about a year and half after the Twin Peak Bikers mass arrest. No trials. No plea bargains. Nothing.)
  • And now would be a good time to mention the Montague County DA has still not released the records in the WCSO drug dog death case to the Messenger.  There is no legitimate excuse. It's been almost two years since the event. There will be no litigation, criminal or civil, which would exempt the records from the release to the public.
  • Gov. Abbott has appointed a new DA who is a former judge. As a judge, she received horrible, horrible ratings by those who practice in front of her. And make no mistake about it, there is no more accurate gauge of a lawyer than what his/her peers thinks about him/her. 
  • The alt-right leader, St. Mark's own Richard Spencer, spoke at Texas A&M last night. What a nutcase. But I'm not sure why DPS showed up in riot gear. They are Aggies. They aren't going to riot. But the best way to start a war is to come dressed for one.
  • Someone on here wanted me to bet Baylor against Boise State in the, ugh, Motel 6 Cactus Bowl. No way. I'm really surprised Baylor even accepted the bowl game invitation and didn't just let the coaches go on their way. (But can we bet on basketball - men's or women's?)
  • Pearl Harbor: I've been to the USS Arizona. Few things will move you more than seeing little specks of oil still float to the surface to this day. I've also seen the original transcript of FDR's speech in the National Archives in D.C. I remember just staring at how he scratched out the original text and wrote "infamy" above it. I had never heard of that when I saw it in the mid 1990s.
  • Former Heisman Trophy winner and Bears' first-round pick Rashaan Salaam hasdied at age of 42. Suicide is suspected.
  • No surprise this morning:

  • Weird story out of Tarrant County: A juror was "assaulted" by a homeless man outside of the courthouse, she chased him across the street, makes contact with the cops, they don't arrest the guy, say they will refer it to an investigator for "assault by contact" ( the equivalent of a traffic ticket), and then a mistrial was granted in the case she was serving on. 
  • Today there will be a blindfolded "queso challenge" between the two Texas senators and the two Arkansas senators. Let me tell you how it will end: The Texas senators will miraculously pick the Texas queso and the Arkansas senators will choose the Arkansas queso. It's rigged. It's a publicity stunt.