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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • For the second time this year, we have a student found dead in an Aggie fraternity house.
  • Trump, unlike myself, is no Sports Genius:
  • So we are going to have an oil friendly guy as head of the EPA, a military guy on the we-spy-on-Americans NSA, and the former CEO of WWE will head the Small Business Administration. Ummkay.
  • I was wrong. Cornyn and Cruz actually lost that queso challenge. Note: If you are going to do a publicity stunt, don't embarrass yourself. 
  • College Sports (1) Alabama's offensive coordinator Lane Kiffen is reportedly taking over the head coaching job at Houston. Why? I'd rather be the OC for Alabama. (2) Baylor's new head football coach is the son of a Baptist minister and you can tell. (3) Former Aggie and Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie is retiring mid-season from his gig at Ranger College. He sites health issues, but there's been a lot going on with that guy in recent years, (4) And this . . . 
  • A bill has been introduced in the Texas legislature to "teach 9th graders how to interact with cops to 'reduce escalated and too often deadly' encounters." I bet it will be 100% "You will respect their authority!" and 0% "know your rights." 
  • That rollover wreck in Wise County yesterday that killed a woman and injured her four year old daughter is heartbreaking. I'm pretty sure she worked for a real estate agency in Dallas. 
  • And that wreck that killed a man at the Decatur baseball fields is really bizarre. The day after, there were a lot of people looking at the scene trying to figure out how it could have happened and how the car ended up in the infield. 
  • "AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin attorney, who filed nearly 400 lawsuits against local businesses for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, has been slapped with more than $176,000 in penalties for his actions and conduct in federal court, according to an order filed Wednesday." You don't see that very often