Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • You might want to hold off on that Christmas shopping. Trump may provoke China into nuking us before then. 
  • We've got a potential hung jury (a one person holdout) in the Walter Scott case. Incredible. Not only did the cop shoot him in the back which was captured on video, he tried to cover it up by planting evidence. 
  • The epitome of a sorry prosecutor is this: Indicting cases you can't prove and then not being ready when it is your chance to prove it. And the case in particular I'm talking about is a 20 year old "cold case" where a guy was indicted for allegedly drowning his wife in a hot tub. Where has it happened?  Notorious Williamson County, Texas. (The county which gave us the Michael Morton disaster continues to embarrass those prosecutors who are honest, decent, and hard working.)
  • Do they teach typing in school? Mrs. LL thinks the answer is "no." Is that true? I find that crazy.
  • And Another - Plano
  • Sarah Palin on Trump's Carrier deal: "Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.”
  • There are some great and practical legal issues regarding the former NFL player killed in New Orleans in a rage road incident. The shooter was arrested and then released the next day. Can police "unarrest" someone after the fact -- even 24 hours later? Sure. It rarely happens but they can. And just when is someone "charged" with a crime? I have always taken the position its the moment an indictment has been handed down. Until then, a person has simply been the subject of an arrest.
  • Rave of Death: That Oakland fire death count is now up to 36.
  • Many people think there is something fishy about the pastor/naked wife photos/dealership case. I do, too. But in addition to the civil suit, the guy has been criminally charged. I would hope there was an adequate investigation. If there wasn't, we've got a heck of a story on our hands.
  • This Papini kidnapping case (the  jogging mom), however, is still very, very weird.  And conservative radio talk show host Mark Davis agrees.
  • Mrs. LL, due to an eye issue, wore an eye patch all weekend. Kinda hot. Not Kill Bill hot, but pretty hot 

  • ESPN floated a rumor on Saturday that Art Briles was being considered for the University of Houston job. UH then issued a press release saying Briles was not being considered. When a school scrambles to tell the public you aren't a candidate, I'm not sure you are going to coach anywhere. 
  • We've got a relatively new "smart TV' with Amazon and Netflix video packages. I become paralyzed by the options. 
  • Troy Aikman's A Football Life was really, really good. But I can't believe more people aren't talking about the never before seen footage of him being mic'd up during a preseason game and going off on Switzer on the sideline. (Link stolen from BagOfNothing without consent or permission.)
  • RG3's wife went off, and I do mean off, on Twitter