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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fort Worth PD has a new recruiting video where they use Star Wars characters. What are the chances they paid a licensing fee?
  • I know what that missing and now found California jogging mom story reminds me of: Gone Girl
  • I was talking to Lewisville police officer yesterday, and he told me they had removed the Intoxilyzer machine completely from the department. They now simply ask for blood, not breath, after a DWI arrest.  He thought there were two or three other DFW agencies which have done the same thing. 
  • I almost got killed this morning by a ten inch thick metal pipe that fell off a trailer in front of me as I was driving down the highway. When I heard the pipe's multiple loud "clinks" as it bounced off the pavement like an onside kick, I knew it could get dicey. It missed me.
  • The popular vote is now in Clinton's favor by 2.6 million. That's a staggering number. 
  • We had our first same-sex divorce is the district court in Wise County last week. 
  • Al Gore was at Trump Tower yesterday to talk to Trump about climate change?
  • For 4 News had a horrible graphic snafu last night. They meant to say "deed":
  • The 9th Circuit has held that if the cops provoke a violent confrontation, and then deal with you violently, they can be held liable. And now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear that case.
  • Sinkhole in San Antonio yesterday:
  • Disturbing paid ad that showed up on my Twitter timeline. Good, lord.: 
  • At least three different Ticket show hosts have awkwardy gone out of their way to mention they have seen Arrival. That's an embedded paid ad. Edit: At 12;22, Jake Kemp on The Ticket, who never goes to movie, reviews a movie he saw yesterday: Arrival.
  • Client to me as she signs a docket sheet in court the other day: "Oh, I'm sorry. I smeared your name." (I had signed it seconds before her.) Very funny court personnel who shall remain nameless: "That's not the first time someone's done that."
  • I feel horribly for Brian Loncar's family but what in the world was he driving a Rolls-Royce? Yeah, you are free to do whatever you want with your money, but what you do with it also tells us a lot about you. (Side note: Wasn't he in a pretty bad wreck in Uptown a few years back when he was driving one? I couldn't find anything on that after a quick look.)
  • That last sentence in the first item in the Update is shocking. 


mzchief said...

"Loncar totaled his $180,000 Bentley and the $110,000 fire engine. Witnesses said he 'was accelerating into the intersection [of Lemmon and Lomo Alto] to beat the yellow light and did not yield.'"


Anonymous said...

"Yeah, you are free to do whatever you want with your money, but what you do with it also tells us a lot about you."

Well comrade Green, this is a free country where a man is free to choose what he does with his fruits. And if he had enough cash to buy a Rolls, I am sure he paid his fair share in taxes.

I don't have a lake house....point made?

Leave that family alone unless you have something nice to say.

Andy Stevenson said...

Popular vote. And your point is?

John said...

Fort Worth PD has a new recruiting video where they use Star Wars characters. What are the chances they paid a licensing fee?

Probably not as the guys in the video are probably from the 501st. They make appearances all over the place. Maybe the PD made a contribution to Make a Wish, the 501st's favorite charity.

Anonymous said...

Loncar's family (assuming it's not a scam by someone else) has evidently set up a "foundation" to help with suicide, and is trying to raise $100,000. Some folks have suggested that they just sell his $300,000 Rolls to fund it.

Anonymous said...

Barry states the obvious and thinks that he is being novel.

Anonymous said...

Does the 2.6 million popular vote for Clinton include the 3 votes she lost during the recount?

Triple Fake... said...

The Ticket hosts talk about lots of movies...and TV shows, concerts, and lots of other stuff. Would it be safe to say that they're getting paid for all the positive comments? And not getting paid for the negative comments?
"awkwardy [sic] gone out of their way"
I heard at least one of those times mentioned, and it was during an entertainment segment when they were talking about, surprise - entertainment! Corby said he saw Allied, then Arrival. He jokingly said he was working his way alphabetically through the Oscar-bait movies, and Anus was next (seems like that one should be at the bottom of the list). Bottom!
The conversation centered more on the solid acting career of Amy Adams than it did on the latest film she was in.
I feel like your Embedded Ad Conspiracy Theory will make the jump to light speed when Rogue One comes out later. That's one that will really need positive word-of-mouth to make a profit, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

That rooo;) looks like all the liberals when the election results came in on election night. HAAAAAA
And now they want a recount can you imagine that.

*Barry's Brain Before Baylor* said...

The popular vote is now in Clinton's favor by 2.6 million. That's a staggering number.

I think that stat absolutely proves the need for and reason to have the electoral college.

In places like NY, Chicago, LA, San Fran, etc., the monkey see, monkey do and birds of a feather flock together effects are in full force. That's why the framers decided to have the Electoral College in the first place. This gives all areas of the country an equal say in the vote.

Anonymous said...

2.6 million is a staggering number only if you are a complete embicile. It represents a rounding error of 1.9%. Not a staggering number at all to anyone who has a rudimentary understanding of math.

And in spite of whatever number you think is important, over 50% of voters fejected Clinton. And Trump. Hence, the genius of the electoral college.

You could stop being a fool any day now. But you probably wont.

Anonymous said...

I almost got killed this morning by a ten inch thick metal pipe that fell off a trailer...

Never ever drive behind pickups or trailers loaded with tools, materials, etc. You are trusting your life to the person behind the wheel of the truck and their ability to secure the load properly.

If I've heard this phrase once, I've heard it 100 times, "It'll ride".

Anonymous said...

Brian Loncor drove a Bentley. Wreck was 2008

Anonymous said...

That last bullet point reads like an embedded ad

wordkyle said...

"The popular vote is now in Clinton's favor by 2.6 million." - And yet she won California by 3.4 million. So apparently in the entire rest of the country -- 49 out of 50 states -- Clinton lost the popular vote.

Anonymous said...

Clinton won popular vote. here are the stats
There are 3,141 counties in the United State
Trump won 3,084 of them.
Clinton won 57.

There are 62 counties in New York State.
Trump won 46 of them.
Clinton won 16.

Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties, Trump won Richmond)
Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.
When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those that encompass a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Anonymous said...

Cheater ad - based on Batman, "The killing joke" comic.

Anonymous said...

After 8 long years of a guy in the White House who didn't like America & was always apologizing for America, come January we'll finally have someone there who has America's back.

After 8 years of somebody who put the rest of the world first, we'll now have someone who puts America first.

Awesome. About damn time.

Ernest T said...

So, are you just jealous that Brian Loncar could buy a Rolls Royce when you are driving the family cruiser?

Who are any of us to say how someone else should spend their money? If I had the money to afford it, then I might want to drive a Rolls Royce.

I don't have a private jet waiting for me at the airfield or a mansion in Highland Park, but I don't have an issue with those that do have those items. As long as they pay their taxes, they should be free to spend their money how they want without anyone else telling them what to do.

Anonymous said...

2.6 million or 2.6 total would net the same result in the inability of the left accepting the election. Focus on the crap-shoot the last election was for the other side.
It wasn't as bad as they thought but way worse than the rest of you will admit.........

Anonymous said...

Dude I *love* that you misspelled "imbecile" while calling Barry a fool! Intentionally misspelling a key word to show the world you are a humble person brings your true character to light for all of us in the rest of the world to see. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Wait - Wait - -- I get it now. It's COMEDIC GENIUS! OMG - you're even SMARTER than I thought when I thought you were being humble. Hats off to you, my good friend.

mzchief said...

Have you people ever heard of "click bait?" Has it ever occurred to you peeps bashing Barry on his Loncar vehicle comment that Barry is trolling? What else could it be? Loncar hated big business and burned them every chance he could by hitting them in the wallet. Afterall, Loncar made his living the same way Barry has, by representing people who if they lose suffer far more than their adversary who has VASTLY more assets.

I call shenanigans on Barry bashing Loncar. Remember, Liberals are the ones who demand tolerance, espouse people having the right to make the choices in their own lives, such as; abortion, marriage equality and the right to legally ingest mind-altering drugs. Surely that right of choice extends to owning/driving the auto of their choice.

/removes tongue from cheek and gives a smug grin

whisky O said...

20 trillion is a staggering number.

Anonymous said...

"The popular vote is now in Clinton's favor by 2.6 million. That's a staggering number."

For the next 4 years (hopefully 8), we get to see sore-loser Barry's head gradually over-pressure and explode while he continually provides loser's data in his whine-bag attempt to convince the rest of us over-joyed conservatives we won and the bitch lost.

Enjoying every minute of Skippy's providing us with reams of meaningless drivel as he licks his wounds (and his bruised ego).

Anonymous said...

10:46 - I completely agree. Finally we have a guy like Trump who has repeatedly shown that he puts America first! A lot of people think that just because a guy goes out of his way to not pay taxes that he is unpatriotic. Not the case - its legal! Get over it! The same dumb saps will say, "But he shipped all those jobs over to China!" Who cares?! Its free market capitalism. And so what if he was able to avoid the draft, he had bone spurs! I agree with you, its great to see such a selfless and patriotic individual finally leading this great country! Go America! Number 1!

Anonymous said...

so what if the popular vote for Hillary is more that prez elect Trump why do you cons even say anything? it don't matter at all, except Hillary is more popular with the voting population than Trump. yet you wah wah bwwaawaaaa about it. hell, comment on something worth while instead of on something that makes no difference.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you cold tell us why you're grinning, because no one but you thinks you've made some kind of witty commentary on life, or liberals, or the internet, or anything else, ever.

Anonymous said...

4 5 2 1 3

But all get blue ribbons.

2 gets a foul, because she forgot to pull her drawers all the way up.

Anonymous said...

Oops mzchief....I read where marriage equality now includes incest. Are you progressives on board with a little tolerance for a little family lovin? Please tell me when this insanity stops.

Anonymous said...

Mzchief you sure assume alot. The envy, jealousy, denial, absence of common sense is all a ploy?

Anonymous said...

"The popular vote is now in Clinton's favor by 2.6 million. That's a staggering number"

I demand a recount in California, and New York! There is no way that even in bat crazy California that crooked Hillary got 3.4 million more votes than Trump. It must be millions of illegals voting, and other various corruption, like ballot box stuffing.

Hillary should NOT take office, unless and until a recount in Ca and NY is done!

Oh..wait...check that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Barry is trolling us on Loncar at all. Liberals are obsessed with other people's money, but hold theirs with clenched fists.

Barry, still think OU has a chance at the playoff?

Anonymous said...

1:27 Sounds like all caps guy doing a NOT CAPS bit.

wordkyle said...

"a guy goes out of his way to not pay taxes" - As opposed to what? Aren't exemptions, deductions, etc, normal things that every taxpayer uses; i.e., going out of their way to not pay taxes?

mzchief said...

Some of you people are either just too dense to get it or blinded by hate and refuse to see it. My 12:45 comment was me being snide/mocking/sarcastic. I even made a point to let you know my comment was "tongue in cheek." LOOK IT UP since you don't seem to understand the concept. FFS you haters/'tards are truly a joyless lot.

We all know Barry is a liberal, he states it in the name of his blog. We all know that libtards only demand tolerance for THEIR pet issues and rarely grant it to others who don't share their views. Much like you haters/'tards.

As for calling me a progressive/liberal or conservative, WRONG on all accounts.

Anonymous said...

Tards huh? I bet your husband contemplates divorce daily.

Anonymous said...

Mz, you covered libtards and contards, what is the tard you are associated with? Are you some kind of hybrid tard? independo tard?