Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fort Worth PD has a new recruiting video where they use Star Wars characters. What are the chances they paid a licensing fee?
  • I know what that missing and now found California jogging mom story reminds me of: Gone Girl
  • I was talking to Lewisville police officer yesterday, and he told me they had removed the Intoxilyzer machine completely from the department. They now simply ask for blood, not breath, after a DWI arrest.  He thought there were two or three other DFW agencies which have done the same thing. 
  • I almost got killed this morning by a ten inch thick metal pipe that fell off a trailer in front of me as I was driving down the highway. When I heard the pipe's multiple loud "clinks" as it bounced off the pavement like an onside kick, I knew it could get dicey. It missed me.
  • The popular vote is now in Clinton's favor by 2.6 million. That's a staggering number. 
  • We had our first same-sex divorce is the district court in Wise County last week. 
  • Al Gore was at Trump Tower yesterday to talk to Trump about climate change?
  • For 4 News had a horrible graphic snafu last night. They meant to say "deed":
  • The 9th Circuit has held that if the cops provoke a violent confrontation, and then deal with you violently, they can be held liable. And now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear that case.
  • Sinkhole in San Antonio yesterday:
  • Disturbing paid ad that showed up on my Twitter timeline. Good, lord.: 
  • At least three different Ticket show hosts have awkwardy gone out of their way to mention they have seen Arrival. That's an embedded paid ad. Edit: At 12;22, Jake Kemp on The Ticket, who never goes to movie, reviews a movie he saw yesterday: Arrival.
  • Client to me as she signs a docket sheet in court the other day: "Oh, I'm sorry. I smeared your name." (I had signed it seconds before her.) Very funny court personnel who shall remain nameless: "That's not the first time someone's done that."
  • I feel horribly for Brian Loncar's family but what in the world was he driving a Rolls-Royce? Yeah, you are free to do whatever you want with your money, but what you do with it also tells us a lot about you. (Side note: Wasn't he in a pretty bad wreck in Uptown a few years back when he was driving one? I couldn't find anything on that after a quick look.)
  • That last sentence in the first item in the Update is shocking.