Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm sick for the first time in a long time. If the following doesn't make sense anymore than usual, I blame it on that. And Mrs. LL.  (Although most of it was pre-written over the weekend)
  • Parker County has a nativity seen on the courthouse lawn. You guys understand that's illegal, right? (I had a buddy take a photo of it but he didn't send it to me as requested. A guy who ironically asked me last week, "You have buddies?")
  • I assume this is real. I hope it is:
  • I can't recommend Black Mirror enough. Think about this concept: Tiny drones which look like bees, can duplicate themselves with a 3D printer, have facial recognition software,,and are controlled by social media. 
  • Rudy Giuliani "withdrew" his name from Secretary of State contention late Friday. Translated: He got played by Trump and was trying to save face. As did Chris Christie. 
  • When Trump makes me hopeful:
  • When Trump reminds me he is a moron:
  • And we should all be scared to death about his thin skin: 
  • Our governor, in response to reports that the Russians have been hacking the election, said, "Aww shucks. It happens all the time." Edit: I must be sick
  • Wells Fargo keeps making news because of its crooked conduct. They might want to be careful or they will become the next Countrywide.
  • Worth your time:
  • Now to bed.