You Boys Need To Respect Those Of Us Who Wear Jackets

I'm not sure what could happen in the checkout line to cause this to go down, but I hope it was a major transgression.

That guy might be the most intimidating figure in the history of Pharmacy Fights. Doesn't even think about taking the jacket off, and just pulverizes the guy without showing any sense of panic that he's in a fight in freakin' Walgreens! And using the magazine rack was a nice touch because it was the equivalent of throwing a wrestler into the turnbuckle if a turnbuckle was covered with People and Cosmopolitan. And then after a blow to the back of the head (clearly a violation of ethics in this type of situation), he finishes him off with one final smooth move and slowly walks back to pay the cashier to probably pay for his Viagra.

Shout out to the gal doing the squeals -- she seemed to be more entertained than horrified.

Edit: They took the video down. A slightly different angle (and worse quality) is here.