Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Free Judge Reinhold!
  • Art Briles has sued Baylor for defamation. He might be a in a win-win situation here: (1) If he wasn't defamed, Baylor will still probably settle to keep the details of the sex scandal from becoming public. And they would pay a lot for that. (2) If he was defamed and made a scapegoat, Baylor should be scared to death. Briles' damages are astronomical. What would a scandal-free Briles be worth on the open market? 
  • Trump appointed a lawyer and the head of Carl's Junior as the Secretary of Labor. Once you get past the fact he seems to hate employees and the working man, we have to get to the great Idiocracy connection. In the movie, one dumb guy introduces himself as, "I'm Secretary of State - brought to you by Carl's Jr." 
  • It won't be public, but there will lots of finger pointing between DPS and the Wise County Sheriff's Office after yesterday's wreck. 
  • There are reports from across the metroplex on Twitter about a weird rumbling last night. And no one has an answer.
  • Our brand new dishwasher has gone completely out. It's under warranty so we have someone coming out today to look at it. Mrs. LL and I came up with a possible diagnosis last night: We have a few electric sockets in our house which have a reset button. The cord to the dishwasher and socket is behind the dishwasher, butt there is no way I'm pulling out a professionally installed new dishwasher to look. (The service call might cost me if it is not a dishwasher issue, but at least I'll know where to cut a hole under the sink to be able to get to the socket next time.)
  • The Austin attorney who was sanctioned for abusing the American Disabilities Act comes on the heels of a 60 Minutes segment about the issue last week. In most states (and I don't understand why state law gets involved), you can just see a violation of the ADA and file suit even if you aren't disabled.  
  • New this morning: "The pilot of a hot-air balloon that crashed last summer in Texas, killing himself and 15 sight-seeing passengers, had taken a cocktail of prohibited drugs including the opiate pain-killer oxycodone, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg News." That is a very, very vague statement. "Prohibited" as in you need a prescription or he didn't have a prescription?
  • I don't know anything about Tomi Lahren, and I don't know a single person who watches Glenn Beck's The Blaze networrk.
  • In a crazy night at the Supreme Court, they denied a request of a last second stay of execution, then granted it, and then vacated it. The guy was then executed. One crazy thing about this case out of Alabama: The jury recommended life in prison but their state law allowed the judge to override the recommendation and sentence the defendant to death. That is insane.