The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here

Trump voters on election night expecting to 
lose and get drunk. But realize they won.

A re-enactment of my live election night blog

Me versus reality on election night.

 Me going to bed on election night. 

The cup is a metaphor for the country.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Losers still protesting?

Anonymous said...

In reverse order....

I'm sure the cup flipping young lady has many more talents than what she is sharing in the GIF.

President Elect Trump could have saved that cat by grabbing it.

You mess with the camel, you get humped.

The motion of the ocean has doomed many men.

In Andy Rooney voice......have you ever picked up a glass of what you thought was water, taken a drink, only to find out it was straight vodka? I have, several thousand times.

Anonymous said...

"A re-enactment of my live election night blog"

No, the guy in the video at least got a hand down and landed on something kind of soft.

whisky O said...

That cup looks high on the hog to me.

sulopa said...

I enjoy your blog every day. But my favorite is your "Friday. Let's Get Out of Here" because it cracks me up. I watch it multiple times every week and I laugh and laugh every time.

Thanks Barry.

Anonymous said...

"the cup is a metaphor for the country"

I like where our country is going....

Anonymous said...

Truth is that little baby very well could have swallowed enough liquid to drown...lucky it went down the correct pipe.

Anonymous said...

Those mexican girls and their big butts! LOL

sulopa said...

Barry, I always look forward to your "It's Friday. Let's get out of here" posts. I watch them multiple times, laughing every time.

Sometimes, I go back and watch the previous Friday post. There are weeks I need a laugh more than others. This week was one of those times.

I love your blog.

sulopa said...

Seconds after commenting, I saw my post from days ago that said the same thing. So that proves my laughter is consistent - and that my memory is not.

No wonder I can hear jokes repeated and they are funny every time.

-Good audience member for a comedian