Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • My head is spinning after seeing Trump on 60 Minutes. I keep hearing the words "softening his stance" this morning. Folks, we have no idea what we have gotten. 
  • And someone needs to take away his Twitter account:
  • If there is no directive, may a person be cremated after death? Who decides?  
  • I told you it was not out of the question that OU makes the final four. They crept closer this weekend.
  • Nothing stops me down as much as when I hear someone use the phrase "speaks volumes."
  • Buried in the Messenger this week was a story about Wise County taking over maintenance of what is the equivalent of the long driveway going out to NRS on 287. One of the justifications was that it needed to be done before TxDOT would ever build a bridge over 287 at that location. You kidding me? There is no way there will be a bridge there nor is there any need for it. We've got a death trap along 287 at 1810 and there is no bridge there.
  • Who is leaving the Fort Worth Court of Appeals? That has to be the age reference. 
  • Presumed Innocent, after all these years, is still really great if you are in the criminal justice business. It starts with a prosecutor saying if you don't have the courage to point at a defendant then how can you expect a jury to have the courage to convict. And the judge at one point tells the jury just because the State says it is so doesn't make it so (my favorite moment). It ends with the judge entering a verdict of not guilty because no "reasonable juror" would be able to do so -- the correct legal standard.
  • In a little watched college game, the coach of the university of Hawaii had the benches removed from his sideline during halftime. He didn't think his players even earned the right to sit down.
  • I hate the Mannequin Challenge. 
  • If someone condescendingly says, "We live in a Republic, not a Democracy!" I'm guessing that's about the only thing they know about government. 
  • I haven't ranted about Dennis Prager in a while but on Friday during his very odd "Happiness Hour" he told his listeners to never be as high as a 10 because you'll get as low as a 0. Instead, we should never go higher than a 7 or lower than a 3. He's a simpleton. 
  • This actually makes sense. That "pastor" has lost his way.
  • There was a crazy Saturday Night Live skit in 2015 which actually involved the real Donald Trump and his proposals (complete with a fake Mexican president handing him a check for The Wall.) It's almost like he didn't believe he would ever win. And I'm not sure he did at the time. I'm still not sure he completely believes it now.
  • Shout out to the former Decatur resident and former member of the Baylor Board of Regents. Decatur High has a very, very good kicker with a great academic standing. Baylor will need a kicker. (Assuming we will able to get close enough to try a field goal.) You still have connections?
  • A story which was well covered but not talked about enough was the JV football player from Joshua who died after a "hard hit." Man, I'd be scared to have sons who play football.

  • Some say that the Clinton photo from Friday of her just happening to run into someone in the woods was staged. I bet it was.