Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I had one guy list all the things I've been wrong about lately. I told him I might go all George Costanza and do the exact opposite of every thought I have. His response: "I'm way ahead of you."
  • Yesterday we had the first Wise County Bar Association in years with over forty in attendance. There's something very funny about one of the speakers mentioning ALL CAPS guy and how he was hoping a check would have been exchanged at the meeting. And he actually said "all caps guy."
  • Shout out to First State Bank and Andrew Rottner for hosting the meeting and buying lunch. (The man who has received more publicity photos in the Messenger over the years than anyone else now has used his super human persuasion powers to get free publicity on Liberally Lean. ) 
  • Think someone got to Trump? His tweet last night compared to what he said this morning:

  • I do not understand this. The guy does crazy bets like this one all the time. For purchases over a $2,000, he allowed customers to bet on either Clinton or Trump. If you won, you got all your money back. How in the world does he make any money? 
  • I was wrong about the first Wise County Republican being Todd Durden. Two years earlier in 1994, Judge Melton Cude was the first one to switch parties and win an election.
  • I heard the phrase "navel gazing" the other day. It means to be over-contemplative with your own thoughts. I had never heard that in my life.
  • This from a sitting judge on Texas' highest criminal court in Austin. I'm stunned the guy, especially a veteran, didn't put on a suit for the moment when he is sworn in.
  • Do you think Sarah Palin is sitting back and thinking she could have won? Heck, she might have. 
  • Trump got 86% of the vote in Wise County. You can't get 86% of any group to agree on anything. And I run a blog named Liberally Lean in that county. 
  • There's a very uncomfortable narrative going around that the more educated voter voted for Hillary. Example: "Former Texas state senator Wendy Davis says Donald Trump won Tuesday’s election thanks to an 'under-educated electorate'." To make it more uncomfortable, it appears to be correct
  • When it is all said and done, it looks like Clinton will receive almost two million more votes than Trump. Of course, it doesn't technically matter. But this tweet from Trump is 2012 is pretty funny now:
  • Trump as the new President has to make 4,000 political appointments. Want to win me over? Get the list and a pen and start eliminating needless positions. 
  • Trump's conflicts of interest are mind-boggling.  Someone comes to Washington as the guest of the government? There is no way that the federal government can choose, and write a check to, the new Trump hotel. And that is the mildest example I could come up with. 
  • I had the strangest email asking me to take down a comment where someone questioned Johnny Football's sexuality because it was allegedly defamatory. It quoted my policy of taking down anything anyone asks and quoted the comment. And it came from an email address that ended with "aussiemail.com.au". What's up with that?