Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There were protesters in the street last night about Donald Trump being elected President. I have a message for those doing so who did not vote: Sit your butt down. For those who did vote: Sit your butt down. If you lose, you lose. And give the man a chance. 
  • The concept of "give the man a chance" is something we all live by. I guess the problem is how you define "a chance."
  • Trump's acceptance speech was gracious. Hillary was fantastic yesterday. And President Obama was comforting. As he said, it is the peaceful transition of power that makes us who we are.
  • Trump will enter office with an all time stock market high and with real estate at the very end of crazy bubble. Both will probably crash/pop over the next four years. It won't be his fault but he will be blamed for it. It's just time for it to happen.
  • I own one of those stainless steel Yeti drink thingies (cue the orchestra music) and one which came from Buc-ee's. They seem to be exactly the same and will hold ice for hours and hours. Someone told me that they are the same and the two companies are owned by brothers who own the same patent. That may not be true, but it makes perfect sense.
  • Watch out for this: A Texas Supreme Court judge was re-elected to a six year term but will only be able to serve four years due to an age restriction. He will be replaced by a governor's appointment. Remember that I told you Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's son lost his judgeship in Houston yesterday? There you go. 
  • There is absolutely no way any public office age restriction law is constitutional.
  • I forgot to mention yesterday that Sheriff Joe got beat. Why don't people retire while they are ahead?
  • Tell me the straight ticket voting in Wise County! I do not want to walk thirty yards to the Wise County Election office and ask!
  • One commentor on here revealed that he looks at the source code of any photo I post to see how I labeled the ".jpg" file.  That's crazy. But I almost always think about that possibility when I label them so normally I choose names which are completely random (i.e. "fxes1.jpg")
  • There was a first time appearing "out of town" lawyer come up to the courthouse this week and was able to piss off a prosecutor who is hard to piss off. I do not understand how so many of those guys can be so dumb. 
  • Is Megyn Kelly getting hotter?
  • You don't see many Amber Alerts with the "armed and dangerous" warning or "suspect/s" in the warning. (She kind of looks like the crazy girl from Dr. Phil I posted earlier this week.)
  • Mark Davis said on his weekly appearance on Fox 4 this morning that almost all of the Hispanic roofers you see are here legally.