Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Election Day. I love politics but I'm as tired of this as you are.
  • Clinton wins. She wins big. And by "big" I mean "big" by national election standards. It looks like Florida has swung back to Hillary but it's too close to call.  If that turns out to be an early win for her, the election will be called before you finish dinner.
  • The great 538.com finally settles on this: 

  • I don't know where ALL CAPS guy went over the last three days. 
  • The next person to carry Wise County as a Democrat is the first person smart enough to garner the Hispanic vote. And it starts in Bridgeport. 
  • Everyone forgets that Wise County, not too long ago, was completely Democratic. In 1992, every county-wide office holder was a Democrat. In 1996, Todd Durden won the County Attorney's job as a Republican -- the only Republican to win -- by a razor thin margin. (He beat the incumbent, Stephen Hale, who publicly refused to prosecute marijuana cases.) And then the transition began to Republican as everyone finally saw the writing on the wall.
  • And make no mistake, Wise County didn't have Democrat "ideals" even pre-1996. It was just the way it had always been. And we are slow to change. 
  • I saw where Hillary just voted. Random thought: Trump did remember to register, didn't he? 
  • See screenshot below. Before the paywall got me, I read it was likely that one of them will plea to a misdemeanor and all others would have charges dropped. I'm guessing the initially reported facts turned out to be far from true. Edit: The Dallas Observer now has the story.
  • ESPN's 30 for 30 will produce an episode on the 1988 Dallas Carter Cowboys.  Robbery and mayhem abounded. 
  • Denton County court reporters, and there are a ton of them, make $103,737.92.  What they do is amazing, but that is one great gig. 
  • It will be interesting to see if Arlington voters approve the new Rangers stadium. Hey, I like air conditioning too, but how can you just walk away from a perfectly wonderful ballpark?
  • We need to rethink police chases, and I would have lost my mind it this had been the result of a stolen "bait car" yesterday. (I think most bait cars are inoperable or can be shut down remotely.)
  • There was a prayer vigil for "our country" at the Wise County Courthouse steps last evening. I didn't see that advertised beforehand.
  • I was watching Fox News last night and saw the following three ads in a row: (1) Some kind of freezing machine which can make food last for 25 years -- for the Doomsday Prepper, (2) Gold, and (3) the NRA.  Make no mistake about it: There is a very large percentage of the population preparing for a civil war. I'm serious. I know a couple of really smart people who those ads are aimed at.