Election Night Open Thread

We begin:

As I watch Fox News for the first returns, I see they have their own Clarice Tinsley reading tweets from the viewers. Sheesh.

And the polls closing in Texas in one hour, I just saw an ad paid for by Texas with your tax dollars on what type of ID you need to vote.

Edit: At 7:04 the early voting regarding Ranger Stadium is all I need to know. It will pass.
Edit at 7:06: Are we getting close to calling Florida for Clinton?

Edit at 7:14: It is over. I'm calling this election right now. The only reason the networks aren't calling Florida is because they will lose viewers before the night even begins.

Edit at 7:23: All the networks are putting up ridiculously close voting numbers. They need the excitement. I've been told for years I can't trust the Main Stream Media so they are holding back as long as they can before the call it for Hillary.

Edit at 7:30: Florida is still close, but the networks now finally tell me that Hillary is way ahead in North Carolina and Ohio. Ohio! It's over. Some network needs to call this election.

Edit at 7:42: I'll back off my call of Florida. Maybe. It's still obviously over. This is all Idiocracy news entertainment now.

Edit at 8:01: Adding to my conspiracy theory that this is all entertainment, CNN says it is too early to project Texas and New York. You kidding me? I could project that yesterday.

Edit at 8:18: They will drag this out for about 45 more minutes. And CNN's coverage is a complete microscopic mess. I'm over to Fox now.

Edit at 8:36: Still think Hillary has this thing without question. Even Fox is saying that North Carolina is "not as close at it appears". That means they think Hillary will win but won't say it.

Edit at 8:59: If there were four networks facing the greatest night of viewers of all time (when they all struggle for viewers), would not the Network Heads get together and agree to drag this thing out? It's ridiculous. I haven't heard an update for NC, Florida or Ohio in the last 20 minutes.

Edit at 9:09: Ladies and gentleman, you are all being scammed for entertainment. My prediction: There will come a designated moment when all the networks call, by agreement,  the election at the same time based upon the results they have been holding. And it will obviously be for Hillary.  This is all about ratings.

Edit: 9:22: Adding to my conspiracy theory, Fox News hasn't talked about incoming election results for 15 minutes. Just a panel discussion to promote the brand. Earlier they were in a frenzy of pointing out county by county votes.

Edit 9:36: There is no way a network has not called North Carolina or Ohio or Pennsylvania or maybe even Florida. There is your agreement. (And I absolutely realize I'm talking like a Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theorist.)

Edit 9:54. Let's see how Hillary is doing against Trump in Wise County. I'm certain the county is now a bit more progressive:

Edit at 9:54 and 30 seconds: I retract that.

Edit at 10:01: Trump wins Florida. (AP says).  I still think this is an orchestrated release of information.

Edit at 10:03: Now we just have to wait for the networks to call Pennsylvania and Michigan for Hillary. I'll say it again - this has been an organized crime of news entertainment.

Edit at 10:34: Is it down to Michigan? Oh, my lord. Have I been wrong? I'll admit it when I'm wrong. Nevada? Pennsylvania? I have to grab my Liberally Lean calculator.

Edit at 10:45: Throw in Nevada and Arizona. I overreacted for a second. There is no way Hillary loses this.

Edit: It's midnight and I'm going to bed. It seems like it is not technically over but that's about itl