Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A Texas DPS Trooper has been suspended pending an investigation after stopping two teenage girls for speeding coming home from a concert. After discovering "one pill" both were arrested and, while at the jail, it was discovered they both had nipple rings. So, according to the girls, he attempted to remove the piercings with his own pair of pliers. This is really mind-blowing. 
  • Yes, that was a Baylor disaster against TCU. And it doesn't help when the assistant coaches took a shot at the incompetent Board of Regents the night before the game on Twitter.  That wasn't Baylor vs. TCU. That was a civil war of Baylor Football vs. Board of Regents.
  • Art Briles might be guilty of something. He might not. The problem is that this thing has been so ridiculously handled that we don't know. The closest we got was that the Wall Street Journal said he "learned" of one of the assaults. But we don't know who he learned it from and it was well after the assault had already been reported to others in authority who were in a position to do something. But who knows. And therein lies the problem. 
  • I said the other day to invest in Drones and Virtual Reality. After tomorrow's elections, I want to add another: Legal edible marijuana products. There's money to be made.
  • My dad says that he recalls when juries in Texas weren't selected at random from voter registration or drivers license lists. Instead, four or five folks were called in to hand select those who would come in for a jury panel. 
  • Wow: Before 1954, females were not allowed on juries in Texas. 
  • At the request of the Eighth Grader In The House, we watched the new Ghostbusters over the weekend. Verdict: It is horrible. And when they made the rare clever joke, they would then explain it to you. 
  • I watched one episode, Nosedive, of Black Mirror. I love that series. It's a chilling insight as to where we are headed.
  • Mark Cuban has revoked the credentials of two local ESPN reporters who cover the Mavericks. That guy is unhinged and is almost a mini-Trump.
  • There is a Letter to the Editor this week in the Messenger complaining about a local bookstore placing atheist and agnostic books next to the Christian books. She blamed "political correctness" because they used to be kept "under the counter" where they belonged. Uh, what year is this? 
  • A guy got rushed out of a Trump rally after an assassination scare. (There wasn't one.) He was causing a ruckus and later claimed to be a "Never Trump" guy. Then I saw him interviewed and he said he had donated and voted for Hillary.  I guess that technically makes him "Never Trump" but not exactly what the term means.
  • Former Attorney General Janet Reno has died. I remember her for ordering this:
  • Or this:
  • The Ticket sent Gordon Keith for a "man on the street" type interview on Friday morning at the Texas Motor Speedway where campers had gathered for the race. He talked to two nine year olds who said that Hillary was "evil", was going to "take away the Internet" and "separate the whites and blacks." Oh, my. 
  • Once you learn about the "Mannequin Challenge" I hope you conclude it is stupid. (The Cowboys did it and TCU did it.)
  • Wrong way driver over the weekend:
  • WBAP's Brian Estridge this morning on ISIS encouraging American Muslims not to vote tomorrow: "Not a bad idea." And on the organization's threat for violence: "Be on the look out for any Middle Easterner with a backpack at Spencer's at the mall." Incredible. 
  • Some say Jerry Jones will replace Prescott with Romo once they get to the playoffs because of Romo's experience. Dumbest thing I've ever heard. What exactly is it about Romo's playoff record that would make someone inclined to believe he would give the Cowboys a better chance to win?