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The Liberally Lean Position: I Always Support The Bull

Bull fighting is a blood sport. I assume the guy will be fine.

But that's a heck of an effort from our horned friend.


Anonymous said...

Everyone in the arena is dumber than the bull...

Such a stupid taunting "sport"

Anonymous said...

Poor bull...I hate what humans do to them.

Anonymous said...

Just another one of the fantastic cultural things they do.
So thankful they brought to America:

Cock fights
Sex Trade
A language with 200 different dialects and they refuse to learn English
The fact that they refuse to learn anything
Cervesa - what a cool word
Abortions in greater magnitude

I mean....what a fantastic culture.

Anonymous said...

pluck the Eagles!!

Oh... Wait .......

Bear said...

At least the bull gets in a few shots before he dies. What about the steer on your plate. He does not ever get the chance to get back at the man.

Which one do you think would be more satisfying to you if you were the animal?

Liberal weenies would be the steer. Conservatives would be the bull.