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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Very funny comments yesterday about the office toilet wearing a shirt and tie after I wrote a horribly crafted sentence. I admit my grammatical error. As you know, there will be many more to come. Probably even today. 
  • This will be a little shorter today since there was another "walk out and see a flat tire" issue. What a beating. 
  • "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each lead their party's respective primary race in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania . . . . " And it is October which means it is getting real. (And I apologize to Reagor Dykes who advertises on The Ticket and who is goofy enough to think that "I gotta keep it real" will make anyone buy a car from him.) 
  • I've not looked into the scandal of the "insider betting" of the gambling fantasy football sites of DraftKings and FanDuel but what we are seeing is unprecedented. Congress basically made gambling legal for fantasy football in 2006, it took everyone almost a decade to realize it, and those companies are now exploding with money (and spending a fortune on ads.)
  • Ameritrade bought 78 acres in Southlake. Ameritrade is still in business? There are 78 acres available in Southlake? 
  • On my trip to El Paso  two weeks ago, I flew on Southwest. Those seats were nicer and roomier than an American Airlines seven hour flight I took earlier this year. (Cue orchestra music.)
  • I hate small talk, but I love those very rare moments in life when you confide in someone with extreme intensity. There's is the underlying implicit agreement of, "We trust each other." 
  • I think DPS replacements for the border have arrived. I got a report of at least four DPS cars patrolling 380 this morning. 
  • Seinfeld voice: And what's the deal with the Wise County Sheriff Deputies making traffic stops on 287? 
  • WBAP's and TCU play by play man Brian Estridge tweeted naked booties this morning. 
  • I've never met or talked to BagOfNothing but I think we are amazingly similar. Then I read his Sierra Mist vs. Sprite bullet point today and think we could not be any more different. 
  • I talked to two guys at the courthouse yesterday and tried to convince them that the two part Wired article on Silk Road was one of the greatest things I've ever read. I've mentioned it on this blog at least three times, but I've yet to hear from anyone who actually read it. Hey, the online graphic alone is enough to suck you in:
  • And now to today's front page . . .