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Just Your Random Moose Fight In Alaskan Neighborhood

That's so bizarre that I now want to move to Alaska.


Anonymous said...

Damn Moose gets a few beers in him and he thinks he is king of the hill. Stupid Moose!

DF Rocket J. Squirrel

jrd said...

Curious if you had seen the Request for Opinion to the AG's office over the Rhome City Council fiasco? It was finally posted by the AG's office today.

Anonymous said...

I kept expecting Emmitt to come running through.

DF Diehard Cowboys Fan Still Living in the 90's

Anonymous said...'s what's for dinner.

DF Sam Elliott

Triple Fake... said...

Moose on moose violence!

"Hey, Rocky. Watch me pull a rabbit punch outta my hat!"

Triple Fake Bullwinkle

Anonymous said...

I don't think you would last long in Alaska with your liberal mindset unless you wouldn't mind wearing a short skirt and lipstick--just saying Puddin'.

Anonymous said...

JRD......yes..... we saw it... this is the video after the meeting

Anonymous said...

That would be scary to know they could be in your yard.

Anonymous said...

If you watch it on youtube, there is a part 2 video. There was a winner. This is horrifying to me.