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Chicks Fighting While Rafting

(That would be a great band name by the way.)

Language warning.

I have no idea what's going on here, but I was almost expecting Burt Reynolds to show up with a bow and arrow to end this thing.


Anonymous said...

Class! (Was that around Rhome?)

Anonymous said...

If you got a paddle in your hand and you can't make a couple of chicks quit fighting, you are sorely lacking an imagination.

The operative word here is "paddle", by the way.

Anonymous said...

Too many teeth for Rhome -- 4:28 pm

Anonymous said...

I don't think I would pay to go see a band called drunk bimbo sisters gone wild

Anonymous said...

Some of the best girl fights I ever saw were between sisters. The very best though was between two sister-in-laws (they each married brothers) who had a dust up before the big holiday meal with all the fixings. It was because one didn't bring the side she promised. She arrived late and instead brought the same side that she knew her opposite number was bringing. You would have thought it was WWIII. Cursing, hair pulling, kicking, biting. Wow, best holiday meal ever! And both were grads of Texas religious universities. Very special holiday.

DF Ronda Rousey

Anonymous said...

New formulation for Midol needed- with xanax!

I am not Sam, but I love green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...