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Ads Disguised As Content

Hey, I've ranted about this for over two years much to the mockery of my loyal readership. It is one thing for a radio host to transition into an ad seamlessly (See Hannity or Limbaugh), it's another thing when the news is peppered with what is obviously a commercial.  Hey, if Deadspin thinks the same, I feel pretty, pretty good about my position.

Key phrase: "integrate the company directly into EPSN programming". Wow.

Start listening for it!

The other day, The Ticket had (the very spare) Peter King on for his weekly segment and he referenced a website that focused on analytics twice in quick repetition. It was the equivalent of, "I looked at the news about Wise County  on Liberally Lean dot come the other day and it was really interesting about what is going on in Rhome. Liberally Lean dot com said . . . ."

It's like Inception. Peter King gets paid to do weekly segments across the nation and he gets paid by advertisers to mention them within the segment.


Anonymous said...

Imagine a world where fools like Barry paid as much attention to world events as they do to sports.

Anonymous said...

Berry actually holds some minority ownership in draftkings... he came clean with that about a month ago

Anonymous said...

Well, the media sinks to ever lower levels. Long ago, they ceased any semblance towards accuracy and truthfulness, and now, they're just whores to Madison Avenue (advertising)! I think we can safely say that the media officially has LESS credibility than lawyers that we bash all the time!! :-) Kinda makes ya wonder if they even deserve those Constitutional protections of a "free press". If they're bought and paid for, they're not really a "free press", are they? Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that you and Deadspin agree on something since you so frequently lift their stories without giving them credit.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering yesterday, after listening to back-to-back DraftKings commercials, when exactly was it that we legalized interstate gambling? The WSJ had an interesting article by a professional gambler, Corey Albertson, who plays FanDuel and DraftKings everyday and has made millions. He starts out by saying "Playing daily-fantasy sports games for money is gambling. And it should be regulated". He describes his own operation as a "multi-million enterprise we run like a trading desk". Gamblers clean up by playing against novices players.

Jerry Jones is an investor in one of the gambling sites.

CBS News said that some FanDuel and DraftKings employees have made millions playing on each other's sites.

Anonymous said...

BG, I disagree with you a lot, but you are right on the money on this one.

Anonymous said...

2:11, we take great offense at being compared to the adverting folks. At least we have some standards.

DF The Real Whores of Madison Avenue

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