The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I fixed an office toilet wearing a white shirt and tie before 7:00 a.m. this morning. If that doesn't scoreboard all you, I don't know what will. 
  • Washed up columnist Randy Galloway is the epitome of angry old man syndrome. This is what he wrote in March of this year about the Rangers: "But keeping it real, the ongoing demise of the Rangers actually comes down to one thing, one name. Yes, it’s a curse. The Curse of Jon Daniels . . . But even as the anointed love child of [the owners], there has been no baseball joy for Daniels. Nothing goes right any more."
  • A Hurst cop shot a man last night, handcuffed him, and then the guy died. 
  • I finally read the D Magazine piece about Dallas DA Susan Hawk. It is fantastically frightening. And now I've got to move on to the great Skip Hollandsworth's new article about her in Texas Monthly. #GoneGirl
  • Speaking of crazy,  the changing story about the female dentist shot to death over a month ago in an Uptown parking garage is over the top bizarre.  It's an insane murder for hire story where the female who did the hiring, who just happens to be smokin' hot,  has not been found even though cops know who she is. 
  • But even if you have the same name of a smokin' hot suspect and live in Dallas and have a Facebook page, you would prefer that people would not confuse you with her.
  • Radio host Mark Davis went off on a caller last week yelling, "We can NEVER compromise on the Second Amendment!" Ok, fine. I guess the right to gun ownership is absolute. After all, we don't compromise of the First Amendment either . . .  uh . . . except for libel, threats, disruption of public meetings, child porn, copyright, etc. 
  • I almost want to go to Dealy Plaza today in Dallas as they recreate the setting for the upcoming mini-series based upon Stephen King's book 11-22-63.  But I bet it would be hard to even get close to it. 
  • I wish I could re-live the Friday that Faith Hill shot a music video on the Decatur courthouse square and one of her flunkies told me I couldn't take photos. Really? I'm standing on a public sidewalk and you, who has no more rights than I do, are telling me I can't take a photo? (I did anyway -- although I can't find any of them.) The video is here and any scenes of Decatur happen very early with some CGI trickery. The song was a forgettable one for the movie Pearl Harbor. 
  • South Carolina is in shambles as a headline writer does a bit  . . .