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Weirdest Legal Note From The Weekend

Famous Fort Worth Lawyer Dee Kelly died a few days ago. He founded a large law firm in 1979 which is still in existence in Cowtown.  Bud Kennedy scanned the Star-Telegram for references to him.  This note got may attention:

When did Dee Kelly have an apartment? And John McBryde was over there with his dog?

John McBryde became a federal judge in 1990. He's best know for being pompous (and I'm being kind) which will get an article written about you entitled "Temper, Temper" and have the very conservative 5th Circuit suspend you "for intemperate conduct and abusive behavior." And if you question his integrity in court, he'll recommend you be arrested and criminal charges pursued.

But at least he had a Family Pup.


Bear said...

What lawyer doesn't act like he is the smartest person in the room, always? What lawyer doesn't act like he is the only one with the answer to any problem? What lawyer doesn't act like a pompous ass when anyone is around?

Just Sayin' said...

It's just a rumor but I heard that his final words or word was pancakes.

We may have the makings of another Citizen Kane on our hands. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Counselor, I look forward to you standing in front of my bench.

DF Judge John McBryde

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.........Look out that window my friend. The world is a giant toilet bowl and lawyers are only one of the after thanksgiving dinner turds floating in the bowl....waiting for that almighty hand to wipe and flush.

DF Billy Graham channeling DFDF Col. Nathan Jessup

Anonymous said...

He LOOKED like a jerk.