Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Reports this morning say that Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles will resign. He lasted much longer than I thought he would. After he brought with him a 31 year old "communications director" at a salary of $185,000 (who just happened to be very attractive) but who would quit almost immediately once the press got wind of her hire, I didn't think he would make it through 2013. And I felt pretty good about my prediction when his wife and son "moved back" to Colorado in August on 2013.  Prediction: Get ready for a huge severance package to be announced as well. 
  • Speaking of schools and tax dollars,  Highland Park ISD hired a new superintendent at a salary of $325,000 a year (not to mention a $1,000 a month car allowance.)
  • I had the pleasure of cutting one of those pieces of green metal edging with a hacksaw last night. I don't think those guys who broke out of prison in New York worked that hard. 
  • There was a major melt down at the beginning of Fox 4 News last night as the camera got stuck on an their empty weather center as they tried to throw it to remote.  It got so bad they just cut straight to commercial without even the obligatory, "We're having technical problems . . . . "
  • And an odd ending to the that newscast as well as they showed a "news segment" on a "Buc-ee's" opening in Terrell. Afterwards, Heather Hays said Buc-ee's is great because "the employees always greet you" and the "always make sure their bathrooms are so clean."  Steve Eager had a defeated look of "can't we disguise this ad just a little bit better?" (Or maybe it was a look of, "Girl, you've never been in a Buc-ee's in your life.")
  • You guys are correct, I do say "beyond" too much.
  • An "officer working for the Texas attorney general's office shot at an alleged carjacker in Dallas" about a week ago. I never thought about the Texas AG having "officers". (The crux of the story, however, is that the new Texas AG won't release even the most basic of information about the incident.) 
  • Piece of trivia from the rather overblown Texas Supreme Court opinion last week on "same sex divorce" in Texas: "Several lawyers from the Texas Attorney General’s Office were present during the hearing" in the district courtroom when the divorce was granted. Several? And they were monitoring that?  (Ok, I had to look: The budget of the Texas AG was over a half billion dollars in 2013). 
  • Very Random Observation: The "teacher" from Van Halen's Hot For Teacher video turns 64 this year. 
  • I posted last Saturday that it was the day of the death of the Confederate Flag. And, man, was I right. Even conservative politicians are flocking to ban it from government displays. Not to mention Walmart no longer offering it for sale. (Although the CEO of Walmart saying "We don't want any of the merchandise we sell to be offensive" is about to get him torched once the masses start posting pictures from the T-shirt sections.)