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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not going to mention the DPS Trooper's car which was parked the wrong way in front of Sweetie Pies restaurant during lunch yesterday in Decatur.
  • Tim O’Hare, who was the mayor of Farmers Branch when the city passed a ton of silly anti-immigration ordinances - all of which were struck down at a cost to the city of well over $7 million -- filled in as host for Mark Davis' radio show this week.  He's found something he's worse at than mayor. 
  • After the Supreme Court decision yesterday, many pointed out that Republican appointments to the court will sometimes start off as conservative but then later trend left. However, Democrat appointees never appoint a left leaning judge who later starts leaning right. If you get wiser as you get older, doesn't that "speak volumes"?  
  • A reporter for the Austin American Statesman said this morning that "Lt Gov Dan Patrick seeks AG opinion on if county clerks/employees can deny same-sex marriage license on religious grounds." Really? Putting aside how this is premature (maybe for 30 more minutes), didn't he take an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God." Then again, the oath does have the qualifier of "to the best of my abilities". Edit: Here's the actual letter.
  • After watching recent Decatur PD videos in my DWI cases, I've noticed more and more body cams. And they are of really good quality.  Rhome PD actually has a couple but the resulting videos have been horrible. 
  • Some of you didn't understand my question about less paper money being printed referred to none of us caring cash anymore. (But I loved the guy who said the plant in Fort Worth was printing money as fast as it could because of the rising debt under President Obama.) 
  • The NBA draft is over so at least now I won't have the life forced sucked out of my by the radio boys talking about it. 
  • There is an event Saturday in Wise County to "raise awareness for hydrocephalus." You know, those "raise awareness" events need to be about things like that. I'm aware of breast cancer, muscular dystrophy, etc. but I had no idea what hydrocephalus is. 
  • There was a bomb threat this morning in Fort Worth at the "city hall & courts building." Evacuations ongoing.