So Let's Check In On Texas County Clerks In Light Of Supreme Court Ruling

The only reports of feet dragging:

Denton County Clerk Juli Luke said she would not issue a marriage license to a same sex couple until she heard from the DA.  She was somehow confused because now our "state law contradicts with federal law". The DA (and I love this) told her it was her call. She now isn't issuing them because she needs "changes" from her "vendor".  Hmmm.

In Williamson County, the clerk won't issue them because the County Attorney is reviewing the decision. (Maybe he is a slow reader.) 

Collin County is still waiting for legal advice.  

So we have Denton, Williamson, and Collin? You kind of expect that. Harris County is a holdout and that's a huge surprise. The County Attorney told the County Clerk to comply with law and is now seeking a court order to force his to so. The village is getting restless down there.  Edit: Harris County will now issue licenses at 3:00 p.m. 

Dallas, Tarrant and Travis counties are full speed ahead. Even McLennan County didn't bat an eye.