Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw a couple of stories about how the once-structurally impaired multi-million dollar stadium in Allen was repaired in time for graduation, but I don't think I saw any stories about the actual graduation. You would think that would be worth some news filler. (Fun fact: The graduating class size was 1,403). 
  • Do we make too much of high school graduation in general? I mean, it's hard not to graduate so long as you show up. 
  • We had another guy-holds-baby-and-catches-ball at a major league baseball game yesterday. As Deadspin said, "One day this will not end well." 
  • When the South Carolina governor announced her desire to remove the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds, she added, ""For those who wish to show their respect for the flag on their private property, no one will stand in your way." At this point I was prepared to write, "No kidding. No government entity has the right to prevent that" and then I began to wonder if there are any cases where city ordinances governing signage could legally impede on that right. (I'm not talking about private entities like home owner's associations, I'm talking about government.) 
  • And that caused me to remember the stunning case where the Supreme Court said it is OK for government to bar a Texas lawyer's billboard on his own property which said, "Just Say No To Searches." Since the law banning it was "content neutral" and the law was based upon highway beautification, it was OK.  
  • A man with a knife was shot and killed by police at David's Western Wear. In Weatherford. (I think the deceased's Facebook page is here. Last August he wrote: "Going to see the shrink tamarow been off meds amonth.")
  • I had a buddy go to The Masters in Augusta, Georgia in the 1990s. In describing the area and the multiple confederate flags on display in the South, he later told me, "Man, they won't give that war up."
  • BagOfNothing had a note of Billy Graham's grandson resigning as pastor of a megachurch after it was revealed he had an affair. I don't know what got my attention more: (1) The fact the grandson pretty much blamed his affair on his wife having an affair first, or (2) that his name was Tullian Tchividjian.
  • Moody's has rated the bonds about to be issued by Decatur ISD and refers to the district as having an "above average socioeconomic profile".
  • Amazon announced yesterday it will no longer sell the Confederate Flag. But if you want a Nazi flag, you can get one for $22.10 plus shipping