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Anonymous said...

"Natural Gas Price Drops".... BS!!!!!

I'm one who receives checks for NG wells. The price hasn't dropped, because it never went up!!

People in this country continue to get raped!

andy said...

natural gas prices are determined by supply and demand,sorry you cant retire yet but nobody is taking it in the shorts.i have seen it over $9 and now it is less than $2 if you get royalties i would be happy to make you an offer so you can stop getting hosed

Anonymous said...

Word from okc is that devon is about to undergo reconstruction....affecting many jobs in wise county.

Anonymous said...

You must not look at your owner statement or follow the market. In July '08 natural gas was $13.00. A couple weeks ago it was under $2. It's back up to $2.18 now.

DF T. Boone

Anonymous said...

All the Devon people are about to see how AA and Lockheed type management are going to hose them. Better start selling all the toys. They are going to wish they were in the union and have someone save their retirement.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the story about the student that recieved awards from the decatur fire department and from air evac lifeteam for her great work on an injured motorcyclists wish we would see more stories like this one
kudos to the young lady