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Flying Wire From Lawnmower Gives Stephenville Girl's Neck The What For

 That's no black tube. That's a wire! Three inches of
which you do not see!
Gratuitous Pic Of Momma



Seymore said...

Kid's will do anything to get out of yard work. What will we do with this generation.

Anonymous said...

Her last name is Duckett?

Well, clearly she didn't.

Anonymous said...

With something like that it's best to think of it sort of like a band-aid. Just grab aholt and jerk it our real quick like.

Double Fake Real Fake Fake Dr. Red Duke

Anonymous said...

Mom is kinda hawt.

Anonymous said...

This is like that time when that guy got his throat cut, right wordy?

Anonymous said...

Life is risky. You could die from it!

Anonymous said...

I would mow Mama's lawn and for no extra fee,trim her bush.