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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The lady who blew the whistle on the Petraeus scandal is now being investigated for an "improper" email exchange with our lead general in Afghanistan (John Allen) while an FBI agent is accused of sending that same lady a shirtless photo. It's like the Jerry Springer Show. 
  • That lady is on the cover of the paper below.
  • And someone has created a "Shirtless FBI Guy" twitter account. 
  • The privates will be the downfall of society.
  • Facebook post from a guy in Chico this morning: "All that needs to be done is the impeachment of Obumer and his entire staff along with about 80% of the rest of the muslim lovin scumbags politicians, reap it you no God fearing people, ya take God out he will take you out." (Hey, Ticket fans: That sounds like Ed Carter).
  • I went to "pre-diabetes" training yesterday where I learned I should exercise and eat healthy. Ummkay. At least the instructor told me, "This is unusual because you don't look like the type."
  • Matthew McConaughey has lost lots of weight for a movie role.
  • Mrs. LL suffers from car sickness. That's a big problem to have when you think about it.
  • There's this weird vibe from Republicans of "if we couldn't win this election, we certainly won't in the future." 
  • I think I can self checkout at the grocery store quicker than anyone I know. (I also can judge those in front of me which will be horrible self-checkers.)
  • Three minute video of the Aggies coming home after their win at Alabama. Heck, it almost gave me chills. 
  • Funny line I heard this morning on the Texas secession petition: What if the U.S. simply said, "O.K. Goodbye and good luck." 
  • I kind of wish I was a history professor on a college campus in the South right now. 
  • I'm going to a two day DWI seminar at the end of the week which is exclusively dealing with blood testing based upon the growth of Vampire Weekends. I didn't plan on being a chemist.
  • The lead story on the national news was that the U.S. would be the leading oil producer in the next five years, we would be self-sufficient in that area, and gas prices will drop. 
  • One of the Olsen Twins (who still looks 12) is dating a 42 year old and it almost is a creepy as Courtney Stodden and the Green Mile guy.