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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I would like to announce that I had the greatest spicy grilled chicken sandwich in the world yesterday. And I got it at a mall food court. At a place I had never heard of. 
  • Four people dead when a train hits a float at a Veteran's Parade in Midland is beyond horrible. The trailer that was hit was carrying 26 passengers — 12 veterans, 12 spouses and two civilian escorts.
  • Read more: Four killed, 16 injured in parade accident (+ Photo Gallery) - Top Stories 
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  • John McCain is firing off all sorts of hot opinions lately. And this is the guy who thought Sarah Palin would be a good VP.
  • I was in the elevator with a really fat guy yesterday who had to tell the person on the end of the phone that he had to do something like a race horse. Good to know.
  • My seminar crowd is not the normal motley crew of defense attorneys. 
  • Sat by a guy yesterday who spent 30 minutes working on a "Waiver of Arraignment" on his laptop. If you know what's involved in that, you'd laugh too.
  • There are a million high school kids on the Riverwalk . What is going on?
  • Had a loyal blog reader who emailed me and said that he runs a gas chromatography machine all time and he'd be happy to give me a demo. Absolutely.
  • One of the speakers today might be the hottest lawyer I've ever seen in my life. She worked for Gerry Spence for a year?
  • Conversation behind me: "We went down to the riverwalk and had some Mexican food." Other guy: "You were able to find Mexican food?" Reply: "Yeah, down by the river."
  • I bet the leaves might be turning in the Hill Country.  A lazy drive through there sounds more attractive than the tollway (although I won't do it.) 
  • Hostess announced it will go out of business this morning after a bakers' strike. I shed a tear for the Ding Dong.
  • There were four people killed in Benghazi. I bet 98% of the population doesn't know that there were two separate incidents about a mile away from each other. Two were killed in one place and hours later two others were killed in another location. 
  • I don't want to hear the 911 call from the woman who drowned last night when her car went into a pond in Fort Worth and sank. She had her 22 month old daughter with her.  Tell me the news stations up there didn't play it last night. Please.