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Randy Travis At It Again?



Fun D. Mentalist said...

You wouldn't think that any of Randy Travis' vehicles could move the way his wheels are flying completely off.

Anonymous said...

Randy's attorney, Larry Friedman (who would never, ever lie for a client) states that Randy does not drive this vehicle and has no idea how it got to that location in that condition.

Anonymous said...

♫ I rolled a joint, then I rolled my truck, darlin'. ♫

CT said...

good one, Fun!

Anonymous said...

A reporter was able to stop and ask Randy a few questions:

Reporter: "Randy, how long is all this going to go on?"
Randy: "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Reporter: "Randy, Just what was it that you hit in the field?"
RT: " Three Wooden Crosses."

R: " Did anyone see this coming, I mean, was there any indication your life would turn so badly?"
RT: " I told you so"

R: " Just what were you doing out there in the field anyway?"
RT : "Diggin' Up Bones."
R: "And just how far down did you dig?"
RT: "Deeper than the Holler."
R: " Did you actually find anything?"
RT: "Angels"

R: "What are you trying to prove with all this? What is it, you want everyone to know? Are you trying to be something?"
RT: "King of the Road."

R: "Where do you think this will all lead you?"
RT: "The Hole"

R: "any Idea when all this started? When you first realized you were having problems?"
RT: "1982"

~ (compliled from best known hits)~

Anonymous said...

The new Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan / Miley Cyrus.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited ya'll!!! Randy Travis just called me and asked for permission to do a cover of my huuuuuuuuuge hit song "Oops!....I Did It Again".

Isn't this just the bestest news ever?!?!?!

Double Fake Britney Spears

Anonymous said...

Of course he wrecked his truck...his car is still in the shop from the last episode.

You don't expect him to walk, now do ya?

The riding mower is his next option.

Rex Kramer said...

I'm starting to sense a conspiracy.

Nefarious forces are at play here.

Pray for/Free Randy

Anonymous said...

I would like to hang out with that crazy bastard.

Anonymous said...

One Toke Over The Line, Sweet Jesus.

One Toke Over The Line

HarveyLee said...

Anytime Jerry is on there should be a photoshop of
McKayla alongside.