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Prime Time



Anonymous said...

I am thinking I want to trust Deion with my kids education

Anonymous said...

I know I said I wouldn't come back till next week, and I'm a good ole red neck girl... But O... MG. I cannot wait for Barry to tee up Clint Eastwood today (rubbing hands together).

Um, did Barry O slip Clintard a floorie into his drink before he took the stage last night? What the f just happened? "No, I can't do that to myself."

I am not a fan of the Pres. but aside from the 'Barry O' reference above, I try not to outright badmouth or disrespect the highest office of our nation.

Barry, take it from here... I know you were uber pissed since you are an attorney and all.



Anonymous said...

Deion is a peion. Looks gay in those directv commercials. Overrated in every sense of the word. The world needs less Deion.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the education test scores of Deion's kids. Then l'll pass judgment on his school.

Anonymous said...

The coaches should have shown some leadership and stopped that action from the team. Oh wait, there is no leadership there .............