Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Clint Eastwood "speech" last night at the RNC was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. Who came up with that bright idea? There is no way that could be classified as "good" or even "OK". 
  • And I have to note that I brought up Eastwood's name here out of the clear blue about ten days ago, and today he's the most talked about man in America. I'm magic.  
  • Mrs. LL said last night that the only way the Eastwood performance could become more insane would be if he introduced a hologram Ronald Reagan. 
  • Mitt was Mitt last night. Good not great. 
  • Metroplex police killed another citizen last night, and this one sounds like it has some iffy justification.
  • Last night in college football had a guy return a fumble the wrong way for 58 years yards.
  • A middle aged man playing on an escalator at a Houston Texan's game last night had a worse night because he fell to his death
  • Mrs. LL repaired our scratched floors (damaged due to the doberman) yesterday.  It looked like she had tried to create an atomic bomb based upon on the different products and waxes she experimented with before finding the right combo. 
  • Former Bridgeport resident Michelle Simpson (Tuegel) has taken part in some incredibly high profile criminal cases in Waco. She's involved in one now
  • I, on the other hand, made a rare appearance in Justice of the Peace court yesterday. Kind of fun.
  • Out of habit, I stood every time I spoke. The judge told me to stop doing that.
  • The Longhorn Network is now on ATT U-Verse. I was beginning to wonder if it simply was going to die a slow death. 
  • The trooper in the stalking case in Tarrant County received probation. I don't have any problem with that. He might be a nut, but he didn't deserve to go to prison. 
  • Courtney Stodden turned 18 and promptly lost her mind.
  • Turned on the TV last weekend and got sucked into O Brother, Where Art Thou? What a fantastic movie. (Someone quoted from the movie this week in the comments. I bet they ran across it last weekend, too.)
  • The Decatur Eagles play Trinity Christian tonight. If you didn't know they were a private religious school, I wonder if you could tell simply by the way the team conducts itself.


Anonymous said...

And placing your whole family in a dog crate is not bizarre?

Anonymous said...

58 years? How in the world did he maintain eligibility for that long?

Anonymous said...

That football player will be running a long time.

Katy Anders said...

I think the GOP was using Ana Nicole Smith logic with Eastwood last night. His speech was like a traffic accident on the highway - you couldn't take your eyes off of it. And as news of it spread online, people tuned in and maybe STAYED for the Mitt speech.

I just hope when I'm 104 and want to give a rambling and slightly senile speech before a national audience somebody loves me enough to talk me out of it...

DF Deloss Dodds said...

BG, you're misunderstanding the Longhorn Network (LHN). ESPN owns the rights to the LHN. They pay UT a bundle for it, whether or not anybody sees it. But, since ESPN plans on having numerous similar networks, they have been trying to set the standard on how they will be paid by the cable/satellite providers. The negotiations have very little to do with LHN, its content, or its viability.

It's all about how much ESPN will get paid and whether they can force LHN and future networks into the standard and/or expanded packages that we all pay for and how much extra your cable/satellite company will pay ESPN for it.

With the AT&T U-verse domino falling, expect a decision by Dish/Direct/TimeWarner, etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't be hating on Clint. He's been around doing great things for a long long time and last night he was GREAT! People who say different just want to throw around hate for an old guy! Guess that makes you a "genderist!" That's worse than being a "racist!" Punks!

Anonymous said...

Did he start 58 years ago and just now score or is he just now starting and it will be 58 years before he scores?

Anonymous said...

Counselor--there are a lot of times when your Monday morning quarterbacking is pretty amusing. When it is directed at police shootings is NOT one of those times.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely no surprise that you thought Clint Eastwood's speech was insane. I absolutely loved it. Was it awkward at times? Yes, but the man is 82 years old and a little awkwardness is no surprise. He spoke the truth when he said that we own this country and politicians are our employees, if they're not doing the job, we have to let them go.

Anonymous said...

Clint Eastwood, Hollywood Icon, spoke to the Independents, Democrats, Republicans about 23 million unemployed and it being o.k. not to vote for a president who did not do the job! It seemed to me a straight forward message mixed with a lot of humor.

It is o.k. to be disappointed that promises were not kept and the unemployment rate is a national disgrace.

Clint Eaatwood was the perfect speaker to reach the working class voter!

Anonymous said...

Shooting a guy who rammed your car is not justified?

Anonymous said...

How dare ANYONE make fun of an elderly person.

Shame on you. With your mentally you more than likely make fun of individuals of all ages who are impaired in one way or another. I feel for your loved ones.

HornDog said...

Either Mrs. LL stole the Reagan hologram line from the Ticket or you did. One of the two.

Anonymous said...


The twitter feed on "invisible Obama" is hilarious. Clint was backstage making sure no one sat on Invisible Obama.
Invisible Obama has 34,000 followers.

Triple Fake... said...

I would not want to piss off Clint - I can't remember if he fired six shots or ooonly five. And seeing as how he's about a hunnert years old, and kinda lost track himself, I'm not feeling too lucky.
Plus, he's already warned me once to get off his lawn (he was pointing a gun at me then, too!)
I'm gonna do what he says

Triple Fake Punk

Anonymous said...

According to Pete, you should not seek the treasure.

Yours Truly,

Everett McGill

Anonymous said...

I liked Eastwood when he said we needed a businessman instead of a lawyer for President. That probably offended BG.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the liberals "War on the Old".

Anonymous said...

In defense of Clint Eastwood:

Barack Obama is an empty suit....therefore....the empty chair

The Jackal

Anonymous said...

Don't want to die today? No problem, how about you not use a deadly weapon against a police officer.

Nosealot said...

You took the photo just a little too soon.
She was about to remove her top!
JP court was a lot more just when they didn't allow lawyers to appear.

Anonymous said...

82-year-old Clint Eastwood did something last night that 51-year-old Obama is incapable of — he spoke to an audience WITHOUT a teleprompter.

Not bad, if you ask me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Mitt giving a speech I get this image of him being in the presence of his mother hoping she doesn't find out what he did wrong.

Anonymous said...

Used to love the movie, but since Clooney despises everything my family holds dear, he's on the do-not-support list. I just spit after typing his name.

Anonymous said...

BG shouldn't be too mad. We are going to be blessed with a new president who is a business genius and a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Eastwood part of that California/Hollywood set of loose morals and divorce that the right is always complaining about?

Oh yeah, wait, he has a couple of opinions they agree with, so it's OK if he is a lot like Charlie Sheen.

Funny thing is, Eastwood thought he really was talking to Obama in the chair.

Courtney Stodden needs to put some meat on those legs. But I bet she's a wild and crazy ride.

How anyone can vote for a Mormon, whose father was part of a polygamist sect in Mexico, is beyond me. It says a lot about how much the right hates a black president with a funny name that they will elevate that kind of lunacy to their highest office.


Anonymous said...

Democratic mystery guest should
be Willie Nelson singing the partys

Anonymous said...

BG, I understand the whole habit thing. As we get older it's even harder to break habits. They keep moving my trash can at work and therefore the trash keeps ending up where can used to be! Don't change things on me after so many years and they should let you stand, just out of habit... :))

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
1 out of 5
Not good at all BG!!
She needs some bacon bad and a new face.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

That randy girl looks a bit like Amy Reid... Can we get a pic of Amy Reid?

Anonymous said...

Willie Nelson singing the partys

Major news agencies haven't picked it up yet, but the word is that Willie Nelson was killed this morning. He was at Carl's Corner visiting one of his bio-diesel plants, and got hit by a car.

He was singing on the road again.


Anonymous said...

Eastwood's bit last night was brilliant!! He was acting, you liberal fools!! He got done what he set out to do and that was the attention of the middle class voter, said what needed to be stated, and did it in a hysterical way!! In case you libs missed it, Obama IS AN EMPTY CHAIR and needs to be replaced!!

Anonymous said...

Rage, Rev. Wright is just as bat shiate crazy as the Mormons. He may not have multiple wives but I bet he has multiple mistresses. We both know the only reason Obama cut him loose was to get elected.

Again, for you looney leftists, it is not about skin color or religion it is about bad policy, excessive regulation, lack of jobs, lack of transparency, campaign lies, healthcare legislation we cannot afford, being told we didn't build it on our own, instigation of class warfare, and failed and dangerous foreign policy which will lead to weakened national security and more wars.

So in your twisted logic, religous descrimination is no biggee? Slam Mormons all you want but by no means do we offend a minority. Is is ok to call Obama's white half a worthless honky cracker? You libs seem to have no problem with that when directed at conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Loved the convention last night. Mitt was right on! Clint was great, too. Talked without notes like Obama does. Can you picture your parents up there (BG's) talking without notes? Can't wait until November gets here. Obama is OUT OF A JOB HE CAN'T DO!

Anonymous said...

Barry what part of a pick-up ramming a marked police car sounds "iffy"??
Maybe in your new country of Drug Land where your a King Pin running from the police is OK. Last time I checked evading in a motor vehihcle is a felony?

Anonymous said...


I got no quarrel with how a man prays; there's enough room in hell for all of us! What I don't like is that you got two of somethin' the rest of us got none of!

DF Mad Jack Duncan

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting for his old man, I'm voting for him. His old man could have been from Africa for all I care.

Kennedy got elected in 1960 and his old man was crook.

George W. got elected in 2000 and his old man was a former President.

I'm not sure what a candidates old man did or didn't do matters.

Anonymous said...

A decade or so ago, when I played football in Boyd, we played a non-district game against Fort Worth Christian.

Those guys were the dirtiest, rudest, most foul-mouthed group of boys that we had on our schedule all season.

The Donald said...

Yeah, Clint's bit was awkward, but for that very reason may have been effective - it wasn't written by a crack team of Madison Ave wannabe's.

Woulda been funny if the empty chair had a blank teleprompter in front of it...

I'm all for trading in our "cool" President for one's who's competent.

Anonymous said...

Rage is going to vote for Obama because of the other parties religion?


Anonymous said...

Rage, Rev. Wright is just as bat shiate crazy as the Mormons.

You just let me know when Rev. Wright runs for president. And when he does, I promise not to vote for him. You, however, will vote for a man you just said as as crazy as Rev. Wright. Says a lot about you..

I'm not sure what a candidates old man did or didn't do matters.

Even if he's from Kenya?

(Didn't think so.)


Anonymous said...

@ Rage @10:20am
I know you write stupid stuff on here because you get a nut when your comments get someone riled up. This comment at 10:20 is so full of idiocracy that it is too obvious, however. You are generally more subtle, except in your rants with Wordkyle, which have become so tired that they are ignored by all.

Anonymous said...

Obama just seems like a follower and not a leader.

Mr. Romney had to go to New Orleans today before Obama puts out a notice when he will be there.

Mr. Romney is there today. The president will arrive Monday after a campaign stop in Oiho.

I prefer a leader for president.

Anonymous said...

Rage, poor baby. Get it together hun and one day you can wear big boy or big girl panties.

Do you even pay attention to the comments that you write? You make no sense. We should call you Twisty Tie.

Anonymous said...

Would someone remind me, does Mittens use a teleprompter?





Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does she look a little like a midget?? Stubby face, stubby arms, short....not being judgemental I mean...Go Lil People!

Anonymous said...

12:12 If it's ALL about a teleprompter then by gosh you go for it sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I had no idea you were such a bigot/hater of old people. You want to see bizarre, check out Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I swear, should could pass for the grandmother of that little guy in the pic above. She makes that same face every time someone speaks bad of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Rage, and what is the sitting president's religion again? The answer seems to have been lost in your comment.

Anonymous said...


"I'm not voting for his old man, I'm voting for him. His old man could have been from Africa for all I care."

Kenya is in Africa. Check a map.

Double Fake Miss South Carolina

Anonymous said...

"You just let me know when Rev. Wright runs for president. And when he does, I promise not to vote for him. You, however, will vote for a man you just said as as crazy as Rev. Wright. Says a lot about you.."

Wow,to what degree will you not twist one's words to make a point. You totally disregard the factual reasons I gave for voting for Romney. You would rather spin it back to race and religion, because that is what your handbook says to do(indoctrinated much?) Religion never enters my mind when making a decision to vote, because, as the Hitch said, it poisons everything. I think the same of Christianity as I do Mormonism, that was my point, which you obviously didn't get. I am not voting for Romney because of which flying spagetti monster he bows to or doesn't, I am voting for the hope and change he brings to a country in great peril.

With the "says a lot about you" schtick you sure sound a lot like Mzchief. Same narcassitic tactics she always used. It is an old, tired bit....try some fresh material there cat daddy! Or maybe consult one of your other personalities for support!

Anonymous said...

"which have become so tired that they are ignored by all."

Not by ol' wordy! He says he doesnt respond to him, but he will by mentioning his points in passing. Usually he just doesn't respond because he has no response.

Anonymous said...

Listened to Eastwood's speech.

I have to say, that he was right on point with his audience. He said exactly what they want to hear, and he thinks exactly how they think.

Which is to say, he misses several points entirely. From jobs to the economy to terrorism... that mentality will not win this election for them.

I mean, if the world were a Dirty Harry movie in which reality had little to do with how things worked, his speech would make perfect sense.


Anonymous said...


A House panel is calling on the U.S. Department of Labor to turn over all records involving a half-million dollar contract funded through President Obama’s $831 billion stimulus program that paid for more than 100 commercials on MSNBC touting a “green jobs” initiative.

The contract with McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations LLC in 2009 resulted in more than 100 commercials on cable shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman to raise awareness about the Job Corps program’s training in environmentally-friendly career areas.

But spending reports showed that no jobs were created through the contract. The Washington Times first reported on the contract earlier this month, quoting one taxpayer watchdog who questioned not only the lack of jobs but why the commercials aired only on MSNBC, considered the most liberal of the major cable news outlets.


Anonymous said...

Clint was great...in Grad Torino, but not last night.

Anonymous said...

what is the sitting president's religion again?

If you believe he's a Rev. Wright follower, wouldn't that make him a Christian?

Wow,to what degree will you not twist one's words to make a point.

I went to great degrees to not twist his words, as you say. I used his words, in fact.

I think the same of Christianity as I do Mormonism, that was my point, which you obviously didn't get

You didn't mention being an atheist. I don't think that's my fault, that's your lack of communication skills. Either way, the party you vote for is intolerant of your views, and wants to keep you out of office, schools, or having any say in how the country is run. So as an atheist, you are every bit as stupid as you would be as a Christian.


Anonymous said...

Educated haters would tell us what Clint Eastwood said that is against their American views.

SMOKIN DON said...


Anonymous said...

That RTG is a 12!! on a 1-10 scale.
an extra slice of raisin pie for you BG

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one minute he is truly in his heart a Revered Wright follower.

Ragey Pagey, come on tell us what his proven true religion is.

Anonymous said...


"Which is to say, he misses several points entirely. From jobs to the economy to terrorism... that mentality will not win this election for them."

Obviously you didn't listen to the speech.

He talks about 23 million unemployed people, he talks about electing a business man to the Presidency, he talked about closing Gitmo, he touched on the proposal of having the terrorist tried in NY City, mentioned the war in Irag and he talked about shutting down the war in Afghistan.

The bigger point is that he wasn't there to address all the big points in the political arena, he was there to get the crowd excited about what Romney can potentially do and to take some pot shots at Obama, which he did.

You know, for someone that is supposedly a lawyer, you are terrible at fact checking. I don't mean just bad, I mean, TERRIBLE.

ANDY said...


Anonymous said...

"I went to great degrees to not twist his words, as you say. I used his words, in fact."

Wow, the double twist, a new low indeed! Chubby Checker would have a hard time with that one. I like how you said, "I went to great degrees...". That sounds like the beginning of a good lie; my ears always perk up when I hear people talk like that.

"You didn't mention being an atheist."

I didn't say I was an atheist, not that it would have mattered for the prior exchange. I am agnostic, and I realize how some on the right would view that as well, but again, I don't let religion poison my views, or others views of me. Consequently it hasn't really affected my life. My views are widely known in my community (In WC) and I am still treated with respect and dignity--I doubt most religous liberals would do the same (I've personally experienced that backlash). I have always been able to seperate religion and politics and look at facts when making voting decisions. Religion, race, and other social issues absolutely do not matter to me or affect my life in any way so why would I make those paramount in my voting decisions or political philosophy.

The crisis that faces our country now is the economy(gays, women and brown people need jobs to ya know)
and foreign policy! Obama has failed miserably in that regard. Had he not, he would gladly get my vote. I apologize for not fitting in with your pre-conceived notions of what an oft-conservative voter should sound like.

"So as an atheist, you are every bit as stupid as you would be as a Christian."

Athiests and thiests alike want you to believe in something niether can prove. The question you should be asking yourself is how do all the black christians and black muslims so easily cosy up to atheists come 'lection time...and you think I've comprised my values and morals at the voting machine, HAH!

Anonymous said...

One and done eagletts play who? a Christian foosball team? Foosball is big in Decatur I see.

The Waterboy

Anonymous said...

He talks about 23 million unemployed people

Which I, and millions of others who will vote for Obama, think is the direct result of failed regulation on big business. Yes, as a result of Bush turning the other cheek. Bush inherited low unemployment, and it doubled under his term.

he talks about electing a business man to the Presidency

You mean a man who outsourced jobs to foreign company and whose biggest business was in chopping up American businesses and selling them for scrap, who himself contributed to unemployment? I could do without that type of business experience.

As far as his experience in general, the only thing he did right was Romneycare.

Or maybe you mean his VP pick, who has not held a job (aside from driving a weinermobile) in his life aside from being a career politician? Who voted for TARP and the auto bailout?

You need to work on the "business experience" side of your ticket.

he talked about closing Gitmo

One of Obama's failings, I have said for years.

he touched on the proposal of having the terrorist tried in NY City

Which I think should be done.

mentioned the war in Irag

Bush's baby.

and he talked about shutting down the war in Afghistan.

He joked about Afghanistan and the Russians. He didn't mention that we completely dominated that country after 9/11, and abandoned it to the Taliban and drug lords in order to fight a fake war in Iraq. That part of his speech was absolutely dishonest.

Get back to me when you know what the hell you're talking about. I won't be holding my breath.


Anonymous said...


I hope you aren't billing me for the time you spend out here showing your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Romney's riding the wave, he gained 10 votes in the current poll.


Obama 221
Romney 191
Undecided 126

Anonymous said...

Yea, he made a VERY loud noise when he hit the ground.

DF Obvious Guy

Anonymous said...

1:23, you are absolutely correct. She/he has too many "personalities."

Just flat out WEIRD is what he/she is.

Anonymous said...


Check your facts bud...

"Yes, as a result of Bush turning the other cheek. Bush inherited low unemployment, and it doubled under his term."

And it's even higher now after 3 1/2 years. No more excuses from the current administration.

"You mean a man who outsourced jobs to foreign company"

You might want to look around, high tech companies have been outsourcing since the late 80's. Romney may have participated, but some US superheroes like Ross Perot were outsourcing as fast as they could. The internet made the difference, thank you Al Gore for that invention. The VP's position is not relevant, he'll never see the light of day, check Biden's performance.

"One of Obama's failings, I have said for years."

Damn, there is hope for you.

"he touched on the proposal of having the terrorist tried in NY City

Which I think should be done."

Double damn, there is hope for you. You must have stayed in Penland your freshman year.

"mentioned the war in Irag

Bush's baby."

The baby is approaching middle school and Obama has been at the reins for 3 1/2 years. No more excuses.

"and he talked about shutting down the war in Afghistan.

He joked about Afghanistan and the Russians."

He didn't poke fun, he said we didn't check with the Russians who spent 10+ years trying to control that country to no avail. Read Ken Follett's novel "Lie Down With Lions", educate yourself on the dynamics in that part of the world. Yes, I realize it's fiction, but the story is pretty close to reality.

What Eastwood said was Obama gave a withdrawal date, and Romney said "Why don't we bring back everyone tomorrow morning?" Sound to me like Romney wants to shut down that mees, but then again, I thought Obama wanted to shut down that mess THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

And once again, 3 1/2 years have passed. No more excuses.

"Get back to me when you know what the hell you're talking about. I won't be holding my breath."

Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance. I'm sure some other "ances" apply, but I'll save them for later.

Double Fake Penland Hall, room 254, 1975-76

Anonymous said...

The empty chair represented the office of the President! Obama was elected President but has yet to actually sit in the chair and be the President! He is always out of the chair playing golf, campaigning, raising money, hanging with Hollywood stars, or on vacation!! He has yet to sit down and actually try to lead! He lets Pelosi and Reid do the leading and then takes credit when it suits him!! Eastwood got it right when he was talking to the empty chair!

Anonymous said...

Somethings never change!

No turf in Decatur and another loss!

The program needs new direction!

Anonymous said...

Courtney looks good.. I don't care how crazy she is...

Anonymous said...

Rage "I'm not a lawyer but I play one on the internet."