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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "And most babies are born during the night" - Lady on Fox 4 last night complaining of evening spraying of the West Nile Virus anti-fog.
  • "Anti-fog" is a name I made up.
  • When I was a kid in Bridgeport, there would be these huge fog trucks that would spray on my street. We kids would actually run behind the vehicle for at least a quarter mile.
  • A guy on the radio this morning in arguing that the West Nile Virus panic is media driven. "How many people have died in car wrecks over the last week in Dallas County? None of us get out of here alive."
  • Funny line I read: "Paul Ryan will try to wear Ronald Reagan's Technicolor Dreamcoat."
  • Oh, about that killing of a constable near Aggieland the other day? Here is how the Justice of the Peace down there handled the disposition of his body of the alleged killer. Shocking.
  • There are tiny flags at the top of the tail of every American Airline plane that are backwards. The concept is that the wind would have them flying in that direction if they were real flags, but it just seems weird.
  • Former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs had the most unfortunate comment yesterday about the position that Jason Witten plays.
  • Mrs. LL went to Six Flags yesterday. Verdict: Short lines. No word on whether it was more fun than running behind a fog truck as a kid. 
  • Motorcycle death in Plano.
  • While you slept: Seven U.S. soldiers among eleven NATO troops killed in Afghanistan in helicopter crash.
  • There was the third perfect game of the year pitched yesterday in MLB.  This is becoming weird.
  • I know for a fact that the Star-Telegram is preparing a feature story on all of the deaths of Alvord teens over the last couple of years.