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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I had a bite of a Holy Moly hot dog (or something like that ) from Sonic last night. That was one tasty hot dog.
  • Finally saw the Honey Boo Boo show the other day.  It was more disgusting than you would imagine. 
  • A guy was found not guilty of murder in Tarrant County yesterday after a "drug deal gone bad."
  • It will be fascinating to see what the punishment will be in the Kennedale teacher case. All the "victims" were willing participants and over 18 years of age (it's only a crime because they were students in her school).  If the jury maxes her out (I'm assuming a guilty verdict first), they'll be punishing her for being a freak.
  • The documentary Searching For Sugar Man sounds fantastic.  A guy records two albums which never sell in America but, unbeknownst to him, are wildly popular in South Africa. He struggles for forty years in odd jobs until the documentary makers track him down to let him know about his fame.
  • From "Lady GaGa's Bodyguard at Work".  I'm kind of with the bodyguard on that one -- you can't let some guy come rushing at her.
  • For you nerds who like stuff like Evernote and Reminder apps, I think I've found the most simply genius product ever: WorkFlowy. Everything you want -- all on one page -- lists embedded in lists embedded in more lists. Whatever you can think of. 
  • There were four trucks headed to Decatur this morning with "Hollywood Trucks" listed on the side followed by "Leased to Georgia Film Fund". 
  • I'm going back to short hair this weekend. 
  • Yeah, the bicyclist had the right of way when hit, but to be riding in the center lane of Camp Bowie Boulevard at midnight in Fort Worth is insane. 
  • I saw a note on Facebook the other day that the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office had identified the body found near Newark a couple of weeks ago, but I've not seen a news story about it.