The Campaign For DA


Music Video For Emily

Youtube – Alright, here is the deal, I made this music video for Emily, who you know I love if you watch my vlog. This is the full version, every clip is in it. I know it sucks, I can’t sing very well. I gave Emily a copy of this before posting it, she liked it, and that is the point. I hope you like it if you view it, I put a lot of work in. Credit was given where credit was due.

Laugh if you want, but this kid is genius. You don't think Emily wasn't crying like a baby at the end of it? His biggest problem isn't his huge heart, it's the fact he's now got a stalker on his hands. Emily ain't letting that boy go no matter what.

And look out, Mrs. LL. I've already begun re-creating the exact same video.  So the next time you get mad at me for being grumpy, not taking out the trash, leaving the toilet seat up, or slashing your tires, my new video is going on the big screen. You'll be stomping through the house looking for the steak knife and then -- Boom! -- My golden tones of "Look into my eyes" will go blaring through the house, and I'll be on the big screen with a sweet shirt and tennis shoes on. You'll melt in your tracks. Next thing I know you'll be in the kitchen making me a sammich.