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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The closing ceremony of the Olympics was either a move towards pop culture or Idiocracy.
  • Richard Bland made an appearance singing a Beatles song? I'm surprised Ricky Gervais didn't make an appearance -- which I would have supported.
  • Me to Mrs. LL: "Who is Jessie J?"
  • Me to Mrs. LL: "That Jessie J needs to put some clothes on."
  • Me to Mrs. LL: "Who is Tinie Tempah?"
  • Picture of a dock at Eagle Mountain lake that floated away yesterday afternoon due to the winds.
  • Rio De Janeiro has both the World Cup and the Olympics in the next four years?
  • I had an In-N-Out burger over the weekend. Verdict: I'd take a Sonic burger over it but not bad.
  • I watched a documentary on Bobby Fischer on Sunday. The older I get, the more sympathetic I am. That guy was a genius who simply had no control over his mind.
  • Oddity: Mrs. LL and I both heard the recorded voice of people from out pasts this weekend that we had never heard before. And both of us were stunned. 
  • Odd  instructive third sentence in today's Update:   "The Chico ISD website is Users who are still trying to go the “” are no longer being redirected to the new website. The new website has to be typed in and saved."
  • I visited a client in the Wise County Jail on Friday. We fist bumped through the glass as I left. If you ever want moments that stop you down . . . .