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College Football Going Old School

The SEC and Big 12 just announced an agreement to have its conference champs play a bowl game on New Years Day.  The site is still undetermined but Jerry World has to be in the mix somewhere.

The only down side, if you can call it that, is that there will be a four team national championship playoff in a format that is yet to be determined. If the Big 12 Champ or SEC Champ it in the top four, they'll bypass the new bowl game. The last time that the Big 12 and SEC (combined) did not have a team in the final top four in the polls was 2001, so this new game will probably have a conference champ runner up in it every year.  Still, it's great.

Edit: Someone pointed out that they announced this game for prime time on New Years Day and they don't even have a television contract for the bowl. No worry. They'll come lined up with sacks and sacks of money.

Edit: Here's the matchups the game would have produced over the last ten years or so.


Anonymous said...

If Arkansas is in the bowl, could we put in a special request now for an appearance by Jessica Dorrell. She almost makes it worth the risk of riding a motorcycle.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Looks like they could have it in Norman and save a lot of driving.