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Random Softball Observations

I've watched more girl's softball in the last year than I have in all my life. Overall, pretty entertaining.

But I do feel sorry for the real young girls who strike out with a dramatic call from the umpire. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does they drag their bat back to the dugout with a look of, "He didn't have to rub it in!"

On a different point, there was a funny observation Mrs. LL and I had on Saturday. In the 10 and under league, they'll let the opposing pitcher face a batter until there is a hit, an out or until there are four balls. But in the case of four balls, they don't get a walk but instead the batter's coach will come in to pitch. Here it is kind of strange: The batter will get a maximum number of pitches from the coach equal to the number of strikes she has remaining. And it doesn't matter if those pitches from the coach are balls or strikes, that's all she gets so she better make contact.

But here was the odd part. This was a playoff game so the parents were a little more into it. When one of the girls got to receive pitches from a coach and struck out, the opposing teams crowd would almost out of habit do a little cheer. Why not? That's an out! But how odd is that? Their coach inadvertently struck out their player when our team had absolutely nothing to do with it. So what exactly are we applauding?

Editor's note: The entertainment to word ratio of this post is completely out of whack, but there's no way I'm junking it now.


rangerjim60 said...

OK - as a ump for both younger girls and highschool - there is no need for this type of call in girls10U ball. For older girls, this guy would get crucified by the supervising umps (yes we are watched) cuz he takes his eye off the batter/pitch to do his schtic. He'll never see if the catcher drops the called third strike. And lastly - I'm way too old to be bending backwards like he does. My grade is a C-

Anonymous said...

Not being a fan of softball but having watching my 3 girls for 4 years one of our friends said volleyball is the most non-christian sport there is, because you are not cheering for success but instead cheering for the other team to fail. In retrospect he's right.

Upstairs said...

I can't copy and paste here but you ought to see the video of a 6 year old boy making a triple play solo. has it. Can you imagine the screaming?

Anonymous said...

Counselor, an out is an out, you're making this too complicated.

And as for the umpire's hot sports opinion; umpires are not watched closely enough. More and more I see umpires influence outcomes. (High school girls softball) It's sad. Also, paying the umpires a fair wage continues to be a big deal with the pressure on school and athletic budgets. That leads to quality umpires quitting and you end up with bad umpires.

Anonymous said...

Non-Christian sport? A lot of softball, volleyball, and women's field hockey back in the time of Christ? Did Judas Iscariot coach a team? Wow, did I miss that section in the Good Book?

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain the Infield-
fly rule & batting out of turn?
Is Yu the pitcher/or are Yu the pitcher? It's all so confusing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That guy is a joke of an umpire. It's all about him... he feels like he made the play.

See the movie...Naked gun 33 1/3 for more of his antics

Anonymous said...

Coon Sherman at work.