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Wheel Of Fortune Misfortune

Go ahead and make fun of this kid, but I'm on his side. One you have the "and" stuck in your head (as in "hand"), you can't get it out of there. Why is is spelled "wand" anyway? Shouldn't it be "wond"? That "a" shouldn't even be there. Should be an "o" as in bond, song, donkey, and kong.

English is a tough language. I prove that every day.


Anonymous said...

People who annoy you.

N ggers

I'd like to have an I Pat....Ohhh I'm sorry...It's Naggers.

One of the best South Parks ever.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I would have guessed "magic wand".


Triple Fake... said...

Mom: "I told you all that studying would never pay off. If you had immersed yourself in that Harry Potter stuff like your friends did, 'Magic wand' would have been the first thing you thought of!"

Language isn't just tough - it's a bully! We've seen how it regularly beats you up...probably takes your juicebox money, too!

"HAW don't able to make words together good"

Triple Fake Nelson Muntz

Anonymous said...

he went to Reed what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

DUMBASS. (He is wearing maroon)

Anonymous said...

"It's 'Count Rushmore'!"