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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The pastor of the huge Fellowship Church, Ed Young, is far  more concerned with publicity than anything else. First he spends a weekend or more with his wife on a bed on the roof of his church, and on Sunday he had a caged tiger on stage. Then again, it might be appropriate for that circus act he's got going on.
  • Yu Darvish got rocked in the first inning last night and got this close to being pulled. I'll give him credit for settling down and then going another four innings (but, man, there were a lot of hard hit balls in those later innings that went straight to Ranger players.) 
  • You think with the bases loaded, two runs in, and one out in the first, Nolan Ryan thought, "$100 million? We paid $100 million."
  • Fox Sports Southwest missed the first pitch on Opening Day and the first two pitches of the Yu Darvish start.
  • I didn't matter to me. I missed the first part of the game because Mrs. LL got stranded with a dead battery. 
  • Decatur High School lipdub?
  • Remember the Watagua lady who walked off from a mid-cities pool party in the middle of the night two years ago and ended up getting hit and killed on Highway 183? Well, the cops think they found who hit her on or near the highway and indicted him.  And I'll give credit to Mrs. LL for finding this very uncomfortable Facebook entry by the deceased's husband (at least a comment is uncomfortable.) 
  • Yeah, yeah, Baylor basketball - both men's and women's - may be sanctioned by the NCAA for phone and text message violations over a five year period. The funniest comment I say yesterday was, "If the Baylor Bears want to get past the Elite Eight, they are going to have to have bigger violations than that."
  • I made reference to the "water sprinkler dance" yesterday and there was a fat guy who caught a Ranger home run in the grassy knoll last night who broke out into it.
  • Someone mentioned that Fox 4 Heather Hays said there were "Hail sized golf balls" falling in Oklahoma last night. I haven't confirmed that, though.
  • I bought a  Christopher Hitchens book. Uh, I think he's too smart for me. 
  • Every time Mrs. LL sees Mike Napoli on TV she starts using a horrible Italian accent.